Tuning estate car


Externally, the wagon like the sedan, but it has a bigger boot. Most often, the station wagon has 5 doors, rarely 3-I. in addition to this, universal has a long roof that comes to the rear. Very often, the owners of wagons seeking to add to his originality and to provide a vehicle from the General traffic.

Tuning parts universal

Thanks to the tuning you will be able to give the car's originality, as well as to improve the level of reliability and security. In our online shop you will find accessories for tuning wagon of any brand.

  • door sills and in the interior will give the car originality, as well as protect the body from scratches and various injuries;
  • the side sills will help passengers to comfortably sit in the car and also protects the side of the bodywork during a collision;
  • rack rails can save space in the trunk or in the car, perfect for lovers of active holidays;
  • mats will comfortably clean the interior of the car and make the interior cozier and more comfortable;
  • lining the panel will make the interior design of the original.

These and other tuning parts wagon you can buy in our online store at the most affordable prices. Most popular tuning of the universal due to the wide range of ideas and accessories.

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