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Sooner or later every motorist is faced with the problem of carrying things and goods that by no means want to fit in the allotted place for them in the trunk. And the interior of the vehicle is not always helps in such situations. Racks rails are the best solution in this case. Their role in the process of transportation of household items when moving, moving, food, construction, household items, delivery to the destination of the inventory of active leisure activities is difficult to overestimate.

Racks on rails - handling with comfort

If in the old days the roof rack of the car looked like a completely alien and unnatural element, the modern designs allow you to quite attractive and even stylish accessories. However this is the main purpose and advantages of this device. Try to figure out what it is.

  1. Obtaining extra space for your Luggage.

The design of the Luggage compartment on the roof of the car can be directly used for mounting various ginormous goods, such as tents, fishing rods, skis, boards. In addition, it can serve as the basis for the installation of additional devices, in particular, will be able, depending on the need to set stands, boxes, baskets. They significantly increase the ability to move various categories of Luggage.

  1. The reliability and convenience of transportation.

The application of additional devices provides a fantastic environment for installation of the items of complex configuration. Special value this represents when transporting non-standard and dimensional items. For example, to put the bike in the trunk or interior of the car will require a lot of time, effort and nerves. But on the roof with special fasteners, he will be placed simply and reliably. In the case of using the Luggage boxes can protect the cargo from external factors and unauthorized access.

  1. The safety of the driver and passengers.

When placing cargo in the passenger compartment occurs, the risk of injury during emergency braking or in an emergency. The risk for the driver and passengers multiplied in the case of transporting loose, heavy, sharp objects and protruding parts. Also some damage to health (for violation of transportation rules) can be corrosive and poisonous substances, chemicals and paint products. All these factors become insignificant in the movement of goods on the trunk on the roof rails.

All of the above makes these devices an important and indispensable part of the vehicle. Well, and that she caused a good impression and pleasing to its refined form, takes care of the DDAudio shop.

Device boot on the rails

Among all the possible types and methods of equipment extra space for transporting cargo trunk on the railings is perhaps the most effective and elegant tool. Such devices provide for the Association of longitudinal edges (rails) with transverse beams that make up its frame. In this design, it already is a full fledged boot. However, in many cases, require additional tools for installation and laying of various items.

Crossbars mounted on the rails in random places on the required motorist distance between them. Usually the design of the clamps allows mounting the bar on different types of longitudinal arcs. This ensures the versatility and variety of applications on many cars and in different conditions. Installation and dismantling of such structures will not require much effort and special tools and will not take much time. The negatives may be a stretch to attribute some increase in center of gravity of the vehicle, the resistance to its movement and, as a result, the small expenditure of fuel. But the big noise exposure is unlikely to expect good racks are well designed aerodynamic shape, which creates an additional background sound.

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