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Usually the rear part of the transport-deprived motorist. First and foremost, as a rule, subjected to various improvements, upgrades and decoration to the front and sides of the machine, as the most visible and conspicuous part. And absolutely nothing, because behind the placement of various parts, devices, and appliances is more preferable because here they have little influence on the aerodynamic and kinetic parameters of movement, but the benefits can be considerable.

Tuning rear bumper - methods and technical solutions

To reshape and to saturate this part of the car as much as the opposite sex, the technical feasibility for the particular case and the variety of offerings in shops. Of the most popular tuning rear bumper highlight a few.

  1. Lining - it may be different in shape, size, color-emphasizing and giving the bumper a certain stylistic nuances that makes it expressive on the background of the back of the car. The materials are well proven polyurethane, stainless steel, ABS plastic, fiberglass
  2. Back arc – affordable way of reliable protection of the rear bumper with shocks, arrivals on obstacles, sloppy Parking, travel in off-road conditions. The use of this accessory allows you to avoid expensive repair work.
  3. The lighting elements and the reflectance - can be used separately, in various combinations, making the "ass" is more bright and festive. Besides, it contributes to a better visibility of the car in the dark and bad weather conditions. It is important not to overdo it so as not to turn the car into a "Christmas tree".

The sensible approach and combination of parts can give an excellent effect and bring tangible benefits to the vehicle owner.

The tasks and requirements for accessories

The choice of means of tuning should be based on a clear understanding of why we set certain details that we consider it a priority for themselves and what qualities they must possess.

Convenience and the urgency of the purchase of the plates will be appreciated by those who regularly use Luggage compartment. The thickness and strength of the details allows you to securely protect the paintwork of the bumper emerging from scratches and minor damages during the handling of cargo. The protective function of the rear arc is also not in question.

But what properties and virtues must have the means of tuning the rear bumper will try to list:

  • the strength of the fastening and retaining in one position;
  • ease of Assembly and disassembly;
  • reliability and shock absorption;
  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • resistance to temperature changes, to high and low factor values.
  • durability and abrasion resistance;
  • aesthetic the exterior of the car.

Well, first of all it is necessary to clearly associate any accessory and model features technology. Therefore, before you order the vending thing, it's better to think ten times and imagine how it will look on the bumper of Your car, and then to dash to the store or computer to order and purchase the item for tuning.

Quality tuning bumper from DDAudio

And, of course, the most important stage of obtaining the desired avtoaksessuary is the choice of the method and place of purchase. Ordering goods in the online store DDAudio will save You from unnecessary hassle and anxiety for the final result. We only work with large manufacturers of auto-tuning, without middlemen and dubious schemes. Only original items at the most attractive price and on the most favorable terms received. Ordering a means of tuning the rear bumper from us, you will receive that result on which counted.

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