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Among the fans of tuning spoilers are the subject of special attention. This noticeable detail can transform any car, even if it is about an old domestic car brand. It is also no secret that it can have a beneficial impact on the performance of the vehicle at high speeds. Accordingly, this accessory is popular among fans of fast and comfortable ride.

Spoiler - not just a fancy body kit

Probably all motorists who in any way relates to the tuning of his "ward", you know the theory about the aerodynamic flows that affect the stability and smoothness of transport. Without going into detail, we note that the flow of air passing underneath the car, able to put him under some pressure in a vertical plane directed upwards. On the other hand for the car having swirl air masses and formed a sparse space, which creates additional resistance to movement. Due to the install of the spoiler is achieved the following tasks:

  • to improve the handling - thanks to the increased clamping force;
  • to reduce the risk of skidding is achieved by stabilization of the movement;
  • to reduce resistance and power consumption by decreasing the pressure difference in front and rear of the vehicle;
  • to improve the efficiency of the brake system due to additional ventilation and cooling pads, discs or drums;
  • reduce fuel consumption caused by additional resistance and multidirectional forces.
  • to improve appearance with attractive visual image of the diversity of shapes, colors and configurations.

In some cases, the presence of spoilers can contribute to reducing the contamination of the glass from dirt, debris and water. It should be noted that not every kit is able to give a positive result, in many cases, it may be so small that it doesn't make sense to even contact a costly tuning, in some it may even harm the aerodynamics of the car. Significant disadvantages of this item include the reduction in ground clearance that for national roads (and sometimes off-road) it can critical.

The use and types of spoilers

This accessory first and foremost recommend that owners of vehicles with rear-wheel drive for pressing the drive axle to the road and get the maximum acceleration from the rotation of the propellers. In this case, the means of redirection of air flow set on the edge of the trunk lid or tailgate. At the front of the car it is attached to the bottom of the front bumper. To balance all the forces and directions of air movement is desirable to install a couple of kits on both sides of the machine. In addition to the basic types of devices are also used for roof spoilers, brake components, and air diffusers in the form of air channels in the body.

Aerodynamic preferably made of aluminum or different composition of plastic. In the more expensive segment, it can be chrome steel, stainless steel or carbon. There are also universal spoilers and articles tied to a specific vehicle model. Advanced tuning specialists order exclusive unit or the standard upgrade. Regarding the method of attachment there are three groups of products: special double sided adhesive tape, glass glue or Hermetica, and also by means of screw connections.

The best way to acquire the necessary kit

In order to buy the spoiler, you can go to the car shop or to the market and choose the desired accessory. While there is always a risk to get the goods of unknown origin and dubious quality, and after some time, the question may arise re-purchase of body kit. Many, disappointed with the first experience tuning disappointed in him for all time operation of the vehicle. We offer vehicle owners to pay attention to the certified products of the European level at very affordable prices. To purchase parts to improve aerodynamics without unnecessary worries and negative consequences can be in the online store DDaudio. Taking advantage of the opportunity of selecting and buying the coveted accessory, You will get exactly the result we wanted, planning to get a kit. From all the available range of products we are sure You will find something that will delight the eye and will help Your car to work at the maximum of their potential.

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