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The purpose of the mudguards

Mud flaps or wheel arch aprons are accessories for cars and trucks designed to perform several functions at once. Firstly, in rainy and slushy weather, they protect the bottom of the car and its side at the bottom of the doors from water and dirt flying out from under the wheels. Secondly, mud flaps protect the car from the effects of chemicals, which are sprinkled on roads in large cities and intercity highways in winter. The shape of the mudguards, changing the aerodynamic performance in the area of the arches, prevents splashes from settling on the side doors of the car and along the bottom of the body.

In addition, mudguards serve to protect the body from chips and other mechanical damage that may occur due to small gravel getting under the wheels.

Auto accessories that are installed on the front areas of the fenders are divided into two groups: front and rear mudguards. The latter guarantee, among other things, protection against small stones for the car following the track right behind you. In other words, driving without rear mudguards can provoke an emergency, since dirt and pebbles will fall on the front of the “neighbor's” car, worsening visibility.

Features of the choice of accessories

Before you buy mudguards, you need to decide which variety is right for your car model. In addition to dividing into front and rear mudguards, accessories are classified according to compatibility with the car model and material of manufacture.

Universal mud flaps are installed on vehicles of a certain group (cars, trucks). Original accessories are produced taking into account the shape of the arches of a specific car model. Compared to universal ones, they are more convenient and more securely attached to the body.

Depending on the material used in the technological production process, mudguards for cars are divided into the following varieties:

  • rubber mud flaps;
  • plastic aprons;
  • automotive mudguards made of polyurethane, as well as other, less common composites and thermoplastics.

Mudguards on cars made of vulcanized rubber (simply rubber) are unpretentious in maintenance and replacement. Flexibility allows them to stay intact when in contact with obstacles. Another indisputable advantage of rubber products is their affordable price. At the same time, it should be taken into account that rubber aprons become brittle at low temperatures, so for winter it is better to choose plastic car accessories.

Plastic mudguards for cars are often supplied as standard on a vehicle. Among their advantages are rigidity, which allows them to perform functions at high speeds, as well as resistance to low temperatures.

Composite aprons made of polyurethane have received a well-deserved vocation recently. Their purchase is the best choice if the buyer of an amateur motorist wants to get the optimal ratio of "flexibility-stiffness".

Buying car accessories in the Ddaudio online store

Buy original mudguards at the best price offers our online store of goods for autotuning.

The catalog contains mudguards, fenders and other accessories for vehicles of the following brands:

  • Audi;
  • Ford;
  • Fiat;
  • Lexus;
  • Mazda;
  • Mercedes and others

You can order products from the range of the online store with delivery in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

You can make a purchase in a few clicks. A convenient filter system will filter products by vehicle brand, model, accessory category, etc. in a fraction of a second.

Entrust the tuning of your car to Ddaudio professionals and make sure that your "iron horse" will become not just a banal vehicle, but also a source of pride!

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