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Why you need mud flaps?

Every experienced motorist knows what an important role the fenders. Some manufacturers supply the car without them, but to install this accessory will still have, if you are concerned about driving safety. Over time, each car update required data elements, and without buying new there is not enough, because to go on the road without them is prohibited.
Mud flaps, also called apron wheel arches, do not allow dirt to accumulate on ledges, and in the winter they save the body from a de-icing reagent. If you are tired of looking at the layers of dirt, growing on the doors and hood of the car, it is time to buy mud flaps. This is a very effective and safe way to protect the underbody and the vehicle interior. They also play a decorative role, being part of tuning cars. These products are available in different design that allows you to generate the look of the car.

Varieties. These elements are of two types – front and rear:

  • Front help to protect the floor from dirt, water, pebbles and other debris, which is extremely important, because the stones with sharp edges and gravel can damage the floor, and the constant contact with water causes it to rust. Sand and gravel can tear the layer of paint and primer on the bottom of the car, and eventually this will also lead to corrosion. Agree – it is better in advance to set the apron wheel arch than to rebuild the factory coating.
  • Back protect riding behind the machine from stones and dirty spray flying from the wheels of your car. They protect other drivers and their passengers from soiling of the windshield can reduce visibility and thus to provoke an emergency situation. Buy mud flaps – thus greatly reduce the frequency of visits to car washes.

Our shop is filled with a variety of mud flaps which price is quite affordable. Among them there as models designed for specific brands of cars, and universal. They are made of various materials, which has a direct impact on the price of products.


The rubber is fairly supple and inexpensive, they are designed for use in warm time of the year.
Plastic apron, wheel arches suitable for negative temperatures, it is very durable and with proper maintenance is not one year.
Rubber-plastic products are made from polymer materials, they are characterized by resistance to wear and mechanical damage, can be used in conditions of sudden temperature changes. These products are more durable and reliable than plastic because they are designed for temperatures down to -40°C and do not break when accidentally leaving the curb. In the winter months, they are quickly cleared of snow by a simple tapping.

How to choose mud flaps?

To choose the desired option, use the search system – first select the car brand and then a specific model. The choice must be guided by the performance of the product.
In our online car accessories shop presents both universal and specialized mudguards price which will surprise you. Accessories, produced under a certain brand and model of the vehicle will be perfectly compatible with it. Car owners most manufacturers will be able to easily find a desired product. Here you will find a large catalog of models and will be able to quickly choose the best option. Our products are attracted by affordable prices, quality and reliability. All products are tested and our consultants will be happy to assist you in the selection and answer any questions.

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