Noise and vibration isolation of the car

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Car soundproofing is the main element of comfort and tranquility. Since our "not quite European" roads, they want the best, we advise all car owners to do it for their iron favorites

How noise insulation works in a car

Let`s briefly talk about the types of materials that need to be used in a car:

  • Vibration absorbers are bituminous, mastic (or sandwich) materials! Basically it is a composition of bitumen (black resin) and aluminum foil! The material is glued to metal - it dampens vibration, low-frequency noises (paving noise, tire hum ...), sound insulator, heat insulator. It comes in different thickness and quality.
  • Sound absorbers are materials of the "foam rubber" type, but with the use of the latest technologies. They absorb noises from different sources - creaks, cod ...
  • Noise, heat insulators are "soft" materials of the latest technologies. They are used to isolate from external noise, excellent heat insulators (keep warm in winter, cool in summer). There are different thicknesses, and different configurations (with or without foil)

What kind of soundproofing material to use in a car?

If you decide to make noise insulation with your own hands, then you need to use such materials;

  • Vibration isolation - glued to the metal part to remove the vibration of the metal, which in turn emits an unpleasant hum and noise in the car. Before gluing, degrease the surface and warm up the material slightly with a hairdryer. Removes structural and low-frequency noise (hum of wheels, suspension, paving stones ...)
  • Noise insulation - soft materials made of foamed rubber or polyethylene. Used over vibrating material. Principle of operation - removes mid-frequency airborne noise (voices, sounds, signal). In addition, it keeps the temperature well (it is cool in summer, warm in winter)
  • Noise suppressor is a soft material that resembles foam rubber in structure. It is similar in structure - like a pile. Used as a sealing material. They also glue the joints of plastic or metal to avoid further creaks.

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