Tuning Opel

Pads on handles Opel Corsa C (for 4 doors)
Article: car8120
38 USD
Pads on handles are installed ...
Pads on handles are installed on all doors of the Opel Corsa C. the car Accessories is made of stainless metal, have a beautiful silvery sheen and fit perfectly into the exterior of the car any color.

Tuning Opel Meriva handles (4 pads)
Article: car8120
35 USD
The tuning knobs Opel Meriva 2...
The tuning knobs Opel Meriva 2002+ is a 4 steel plates, which are glued on top of the 4 handles and edging. Producer - Turkey.

Chrome handles tuning for Opel Zafira 1998-2006 (set)
42 USD
We offer chrome tuning for Ope...
We offer chrome tuning for Opel Zafira at the lowest price in Ukraine and Russia. Lining made of steel (Turkey), do not rust and do not fade from contact with the aggressors. Mounted on 3M tape.

Decorative chrome lining on the handles Opel Tigra (two doors)
Article: car2012
30 USD
Decorative chrome lining on th...
Decorative chrome lining on the handles are only suitable for external tuning Opel Tigra. Made of steel, are mounted on the preinstalled 3M tape (provides durable traction). Kit - pads on the two doors (Turkey).

Tuning knobs Opel Signum (optional)
Article: car8125

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30 USD
Tuning knobs for Opel Signum (...
Tuning knobs for Opel Signum (Signum) is a metal strip. They are mounted on top of the factory handles and protect against the negative impact of recent times, air and water. Manufacturer - Turkey. Mounting - on adhesive tape.

Tuning parts for Opel Combo handles (set)
Article: car8120
21 USD
Tuning parts - 2 is a steel li...
Tuning parts - 2 is a steel lining on the door handles Opel Combo. Accessories are resistant to rusting and mechanical damage. Buy tuning, You can without payment, to order the delivery to Russia and Ukraine.

Pads on handles Opel Vectra B (Carmos, set)
Article: car8124
31 USD
Pads on handles for Opel Vectr...
Pads on handles for Opel Vectra tuning is a high - quality cutting of steel. No corrosion, easy to install and care, do not lose their Shine and depth of color. Installation - adhesive tape. Production - Turkey.

Opel Vivaro Winter grille
Article: zim026

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12 USD
on the model of 2001-2007...
on the model of 2001-2007

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Tuning Opel our online store offers accessories at the lowest and fair price in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. In stock chrome lining, protective body kit, roof rails, film coating, materials for sound and heat insulation and many other products for exterior and interior of Opel.

Many motorists Opel know what a bumper car is made of plastic and is very fragile during freezing weather. For this reason, car owners are often faced with tuning bumper Opel. In addition, an essential part of tuning for the Opel, is the installation of high-quality overlays on thresholds cars.

Accessories for Opel tuning

Tuning Opel – painstaking work that requires special personal touch. The right actions will help to make inconspicuous appearance to create an individual and original style.

Our online store offers tuning parts Opel:

  • covers for mirrors, doors, trunk and other parts of the car will give the car originality in manner and add "flavor";
  • the connectors will protect the front of the vehicle during movement on the road or during a collision;
  • the side sills will protect the side of the car and will comfortably sit in the car for the elderly or children;
  • baffles are a perfect solution during bad weather;
  • panel overlay, curtains and slipcovers will make your driving comfortable and more cozy;
  • mudguards;
  • mats;
  • and more.

Our specialists will select the necessary parts that will fit to your car model Opel. To view a complete list of accessories for tuning Opel you can in the catalog, see photos. Tuning Opel is a great way to select a car among other cars in the General stream, and with it, you can improve the reliability and safety of cars.

5 reasons to buy Opel tuning shop Ddaudio:

  1. The wholesale price of medicines even when buying retail.
  2. Additional discounts for large wholesale and regular customers.
  3. Free delivery to any region of Ukraine, to Moscow and Gomel.
  4. Long warranty on all rails, body kits and chrome lining.
  5. Constant updating of the assortment, allowing the first to buy the tuning on your car and select your Opel in grey traffic.

Still thinking what accessories shops prefer? Stop doubt and just compare the prices of the goods for tuning Opel from us and any other shop.

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