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Optics for cars

Car optics is not only a way to personalize the design of your iron friend, but also a means to improve the quality of movement in poor visibility conditions. For this purpose, auto-optics are replaced with a more modern and less energy-intensive one. The same procedure becomes a vital necessity if, for any reason, the light elements are out of order.

The original optics on the car is supplied in a package with the name of the car brand, i.e. produced under the brand of the automaker, which is responsible for its quality and durability. All other types are manufactured by enterprises under their own brand, although in terms of technical parameters they are in no way inferior to the original.

When choosing auto optics, be guided by the brand of your car and the year of manufacture. Manufacturers produce headlights in strict accordance with the geometry of the installation site, so you can quickly replace a damaged lighting element with a new one. In case you want to improve the existing equipment, it is better to contact a specialized workshop.

How to buy optics for a car in Kyiv

In the assortment of the DDaudio online store you will find headlights, taillights, illuminated trims, turn signals and fog lights for different models. Depending on the design and type of lamps, there are reflex and lensed auto-optics. In the first form, halogen light sources are used, in the second, xenon ones.

Halogen lamps are inexpensive, this is the most common type. They give a glow of a yellowish tint, since the lamp bulb is filled with bromine or iodine vapor. Xenon lamps are more expensive, their interior is filled with an inert gas and gives an even white light comparable to daylight. With the same power, a xenon lamp has a much larger luminous flux compared to a halogen one. Both those and others are designed so that the luminous flux does not blind oncoming cars.

The most modern and expensive auto-optics works on LEDs. Their advantage is in the minimum energy consumption with a high luminous flux and a long service life. There are also drawbacks: if one light element fails, the entire headlight will have to be replaced, since structurally all LED elements are assembled on one board, and it is impossible to replace them individually. But in terms of illumination of the road at night and traffic safety, as well as high energy efficiency, LED headlights have an undeniable advantage.

In the catalog of our store you will find all the above options. We have optics for cars of different brands and years of manufacture at the best price in Ukraine. Our catalog is very convenient to use: just indicate the name, year of issue and select the category of goods.

The carrier is responsible for the delivery of your orders, its cost depends on the amount of the purchase and the distance. We quickly ship all goods, as everything is in our warehouses.

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