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the seat Covers from fabric

Covers for salon this is a very important component of cars.

the Advantages of cloth covers.

To create covers for car often use avtotkan. This fabric, created specifically for salons car. This type of tissue different from each other for strength, material composition and appearance. It is very high quality and underclothes, or Vice versa. Choosing seat covers fabric car seat it is important to find a shop that is willing to vouch for its quality.

Fabric car cover is an important component of the car and have a number of advantages:

  • Protect the car from dirt.
  • the
  • Ability to completely transform the interior of the car.
  • the
  • Covers are breathable, not too hot in the sun.
  • the
  • is rather economical.

As can be seen from the characteristics, these bags — an excellent investment.


Materials and types.

If you wonder: “how to choose covers for the car seat?”, you should consider some of the characteristics.

first, the fabric seat covers have center and side fabric. The center fabric is denser than the side. This is because damage often falls on the Central part of the car seat. You cannot create a case entirely of threads of a center part. Because such a case would not be loose and fast breaks would be.

the Second point — it avtotkan. The more natural the fabric used for the car cover of fabric on the car, the better the case. Ideally, the number of synthetic fibers in the composition of the case is minimal.

the seat Covers from fabric for car interiors are divided into two types:

  • of the Model. Very high quality, created for a specific interior, looks expensive, are usually placed on luxury cars.
  • the
  • Universal. Cheaper, have the ability to install on any car, come in different colors, very functional.

online store DDaudio.

the online store DDaudio — this is the place where you can buy fabric seat covers at a nice price and with good quality. The selection and purchase of cover will not take much time and effort. If you are interested in any questions, questions please contact us by phone. Our workers are professional and will give all the answers to your questions.

Our shop cooperates only with reliable company on manufacture of accessories for cars. For us our reputation is important as in the automotive products market, we have more than 15 years.


shipping and payment

the Book covers from autotone or cover on the hood in our online store is very simple on the whole territory of Ukraine. Besides, we deliver goods in Europe. The goods are paid immediately or upon receipt of the goods by cod.

These bags — best purchase for all who want to preserve a neat appearance of the car or to add variety to its appearance. Because the fabric is able to change the car beyond recognition.

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