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Your car is a boundless field for creativity. Wherever you set your eyes on, everything can be improved, trimmed, modified, modified. And from your taste, mood and character will depend on the appearance and interior of the car. The right finish will allow the driver to harmonious and comfortable home-like feel behind the wheel. The interior of the vehicle gives a lot of opportunities for the application of their efforts restyling. In this series, one of the first places the handle of the gearshift lever. This accessory and asks him to pay attention, because he takes quite a prominent and "honorable" place in the area of control of the vehicle.

The gear lever is a nice little thing in the salon

From this small detail may depend on the overall impression of the vehicle. His shabby, worn or pinned look can create a very unattractive picture of the interior. And Vice versa - if You have on arm PPC is bright and attractive knob, and the cabin is comfortable and cozy. Installing just an unusual and memorable detail for your old vases, You will receive

This decorative element is in constant contact with the hand of the driver, which can not affect its look. In addition, it can have a negative effect accidental mechanical impact. When shifting this creates some discomfort from rough surfaces and jagged edges, until a small skin injuries. Depending on the intensity of use of the car, from time to time there is a need for its replacement. To remove the gearshift knob is not difficult, however, as to put it on the lever. Simply twist or spin the thread, which is equipped with almost all products.

The relevance replace arm PPC

Why is there a need to install this avtoaksessuary? It's very simple, it combines many advantages that make such a purchase easy and desirable. Let's name the main of these reasons for acquiring handle transmission:

  1. The opportunity to achieve spectacular conversion of a salon without the large investments of resources.
  2. Increased wear regular products.
  3. Improved ergonomic properties due to the convenient shape and size.
  4. More smooth motion scenes in the successful selection and mass-dimensional characteristics.
  5. Quick installation without any technical or physical difficulties.
  6. Does not require constant care.
  7. Long service life when buying original products of wear-resistant material.

A relatively small price handles PPC will allow You painless to acquire any model. Many even bought this product accidentally, hitting on him at an automotive shop and on the pages of the online store. Recently, widespread handles transmission with light. This element of the interior can not only improve the appearance of interior decorations of the car, but will help novice drivers and students to quickly find it in the dark.

Order handle PPC the leading operator of auto accessories

If You want to buy the right in Your car thing, this question is better to trust a reliable supplier that you can trust and on whom you can rely. Such as our company DDaudio having more than 10 years of experience in the market of car accessories. Choose products for tuning on the pages of our online store a pleasure. Large range of handles, levers PPC will allow You to find what you need, whether it is universal or a special knob with the logo of the brand of car. With him we can pick up related products, for example, a cover for the lever that will fit his style and color.

Here You will find the minimum prices, excellent customer service, a lot of useful and reliable information. Shipping is done to any city of Ukraine according to the specified details of the customer, payment can be made after receipt of goods. Handles transmission from the company will take pride of place in Your machine and will bring many pleasant moments on the road.

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