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Often in traffic you can meet familiar brand and not recognize her at first glance. It would seem the same lines, but something bright, catchy, attractive, creates an extraordinary image and style of the car. Only a small bar, some small thing can transform and emphasize all its advantages. Car visors are just in time for the accessories. And those who decide to buy it will be a thousand times right. Moreover, in the online store DDAudio you can find what You need that best reflects Your character and are attracted to aesthetically.

Car canopies - a necessary accessory

Beauty and design is certainly good, but what else is due to the need to install the vent on the windshield? Let's try to answer this question. First of all it is not a decorative and a functional element facilitating the life of the driver and protect the vehicle. Its main tasks include:

  • prevention of blinding of the driver of protection against direct sunlight - of course, this may not work in all cases, but only up to a certain angle relative to the position of the sun, however, their role in the avoidance of glare and eye protection visor performs;
  • reducing overheating of the cabin - this element of the tuning prevents the heating of the internal surfaces of the machine, thereby reducing the adverse impact on the hull front seats, interior decoration; it also contributes, though slightly, weaker heating of the air inside the cabin;
  • the dimming in the presence of additional lighting - such effect takes place in case of installation of lighting devices on the edge of the roof of the car (with trunk of another variant of the installation of lighting elements are hard to find);
  • preventing atmospheric precipitation - through baffle reduced amount of water or moisture falling on the windshield, which improves visibility in bad weather;
  • protection from dirt, rocks, debris on the glass - thus it is possible to reduce the risk of damage to certain area of the windshield and prevent deterioration in visibility due to contamination or buildup of foreign objects.

Perhaps the effectiveness of all these factors and will not be as significant as we would like, but even in this form it will make the ride more comfortable and safe.

Types and forms of deflector windshield

Like many accessories, automotive visors are found in a variety of model ranges and designs. Which one will fit your car, You decide, well, if there is any doubt, it is worth to study in detail the range on the Internet resource DDAudio or consult our specialists, who will always be happy to help sort out the existing nomenclature.

Most manufacturers release car visors for a specific model vehicles. Although the market can meet and versatile products, suitable for different brands of cars under a certain size. In General, the number of materials for the manufacture of deflectors windshield, determining their properties and characteristics, the "running" plastic, glass and fiberglass. The last has the greatest strength and durability, respectively, and the value of the goods produced on their basis, the greatest.

Structurally, automotive visors are represented by several types of products. The main differences relate to the method of attachment and design of the accessory. It can be installed in such major variations:

  • on the frame tubing, mimicking the contours of the fixture;
  • the universal bracket adjusts to various car models;
  • on a special tape.

As for the decorative shape, style and originality, here the producers have no restrictions, so in retail you can find the most different, somewhat the same, but something so different deflectors windshield. All defines Your taste and desire to select the most suitable for your loved thing.

These considerations guided the staff of the online store DDAudio when forming the range of products sold and in its recommendations to customers. Professional advice, or an established scheme of work, convenient service and flexible system of work distinguish our company in the market of online sales of products for tuning. So, if we decided to purchase the car sun visor, do not hesitate, it is better to gain a familiar combination of letters DDAudio and immerse yourself in the vast world of essential accessories.

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