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Many car owners are faced with severe body pollution due to the use of larger tires on wheels on passenger cars. To avoid such a problem, special expanders have appeared on the market that will secure movement during bad weather.

Features of overlays on arches

Previously, expanders were most often installed on SUVs so that doors and wheel arches were not dirty. Later lining on the arches began to be used for cars and minibuses.

Plastic overlays for arches are used for:

  • protection against pollution of the body and wheel arches;
  • protection against corrosion, which may occur due to the ingress of salt and sand on the arch;
  • giving the car an original appearance.

Types of arch extensions

There are several types of extensions for the car. Extenders are most often used solely to protect the car from road abrasives.

Expanders made of plastic in the form of an arc are easily attached with self-tapping screws or glued with silicone. They will protect the car from dirt during bad weather, and also make the car look original. It is also worth noting that in our online store you will find plastic lining on the arches for any brand of car.

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