Tuning GAS

Talking about tuning GAS, it should be noted that most of the models that were released in that time, the plant had no special individual design and therefore required changes. Probably every car owner wants GAS to make your car original and to diversify the appearance.

Thanks even a small tuning owner will be able to stand in the General flow of similar cars, as well as to improve the level of safety.

Details of tuning GAS

The tuning GAS is the improvement of the external design with the help of skirts or moldings, and also improve the look of the car. Our online store offers quality accessories for tuning GAS:

  • door sills and interior protects from scratches and various injuries;
  • the connectors will protect the front part of the body during a crash or off-road driving, as well as add rapacity in the style of the car;
  • the side sills will comfortably sit in the car, and also protect the side of the bodywork during a collision;
  • textile floor mats help keep the salon clean and tidy;
  • panel overlay adds extra comfort during the trip.

It is also worth noting that most of the accessories for tuning GAS can be set independently without using the services of specialists or workshops.

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