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Citroen Berlingo 1996-2008 Pads on handles

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28 USD
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Citroen C-3 pads on the handles

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23 USD
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Citroen C-1 pads on the handles

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16 USD
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Citroen Berlingo 2008-2018 pads on the handles

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25 USD
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Our shop offers to buy the tuning Citroen at the best price with delivery in all cities of Ukraine. In stock at our own warehouse a range of over 10,000 items of accessories for tuning Citroen:

  • all kinds of lining (on the handles, sills, mirrors, lights, license plates, trunk),
  • moldings,
  • cilia,
  • roof roof, roof racks and crossbars,
  • rubber mats,
  • interior lining and seat covers,

As well as audio, noise, running boards (side of the arc, areas), electrical connectors, mudguards, constadina blinds, spoiler, deflector, bumper and another aerodynamic body kit autopack, fog lights and much more. Shipping is free, and the price - wholesale, regardless of the purchase amount.

Spare parts for tuning cars Citroen

As you know, upgrade the technical characteristics of the car, improving the comfort and appearance of the cabin or to hold special parts styling body (external tuning). It is on the latter type of tuning we would like to elaborate.

Why you need a tuning car Citroen? It's almost the same thing as spending an elite repair of apartments. In other words, the car after this improvement will look more respectable, bright, individual, standing out with their appearance from the gray mass of other cars.

What are spare parts for external tuning Citroen (Citroen)?

We offer a huge range of parts for tuning, in a few words, tell about each.

Chrome packages

As a rule, they include a variety of steel plates for the bumpers, mirrors, door handles. This can be attributed to window and body moldings, roof rails on the car roof, and other similar accessories. They can be made of steel, high strength plastic, aluminum. And produced by Chinese craftsmen (such in our shop you will find), and companies with a world name, for example, Omsa, Carmos.

Power kits.

If we again make the analogy with repairs of premises, installation of protective kits is somewhat similar to the repair of offices, in which the most important is not only cozy and comfortable work environment, but needs protection against penetration of intruders or hunters for the valuable information.

Hanging kits for Citroen car is also protected, just from careless "criminals" sitting behind the wheel of other cars. Such tools include the front and rear connectors, as well as side steps. They're all designed to protect the car body from damage in a minor accident, when riding over rough terrain, random hitting a high curb or a stone. In the case of strong collisions, such protective parts for tuning buffer and thereby soften the blow, often saving the lives of the driver and passengers.

The salon

An important point to integrate beauty into the cabin of your car. Only quality pads on the panel, as well as comfortable armrests, handles, and covers transmission of genuine leather.

Buy parts and accessories for tuning Citroen any model you can from any city, town or village in Ukraine where there is a warehouse of transport company (any): Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Zaporozhye, Berdyansk, Kherson, Mariupol, Zhytomyr, White Church, Poltava, Chernivtsi, Melitopol, Kirovograd, Krivoy Rog, Odessa, Nikolaev, Tsyurupynskyi etc. Also we do shipping to any country of the CIS and Europe.

Free shipping

Wholesale and retail

Own warehouse

Buying on credit


  • Initial fee - 0%
  • Purchase amount - 50 000 UAH
  • No certificates of income - only identification code
  • The contract only upon receipt of the goods on the New post
  • Loan term up to 3 years.
  • Early repayment without commissions.
  • No hidden fees.
  • An overpayment in a month is only 2.5%.

How to buy a tuning and auto accessories on credit?

  • Choose a product, click "add to cart" (purchase amount must be not less than 500 UAH).
  • Place your order as usual (but vibrative payment "Credit Market").
  • Fill out and send us by email a questionnaire which we send you after booking.
  • In an hour you will already know the decision of the credit Committee.

If the decision is positive, we ship the goods by the transport company "New Mail".

You come to the office, present a passport, ID, sign the contract and pick up your package.

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