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Winter cover for the radiator – perfect protection for the cold season. How to choose an appropriate grid, how they differ, how to identify a quality product? All of these questions are answers in the following article.

Why do I need a winter cover for the radiator?

Trim, otherwise referred to as a plug used in the cold season for many reasons:

  • to protect the motor from rapid cooling in cold weather;
  • as a barrier against chemical agents, which in large quantities contained in the snow on the road;
  • from the mud and snow and pieces of ice, which can damage the lower part of the cooler;
  • to facilitate engine warm-up and to ensure an optimal interior temperature.

Using the stub is optional, but this small detail will simplify the operation of the transport in the cold season, and also protects the engine – the heart of the car, from mechanical damage.

Renault Duster. Winter cover purchase and installation

Winter lining of the heatspreader to protect the grill from contact with reagents used in the snow. As practice shows, the neglect of such a small detail can lead to the engine overheating at other times of the year. Why? It's very simple: the grille acts as a barrier to chemicals entering the body of the car when driving, the bars corrode, forming a dense layer that prevents the blowing engine. When the temperature is above 15 degrees, the engine does not get enough air for cooling, resulting in overheating soon. Winter cover on the grille not only helps to protect the engine, but also to ensure the smooth operation of transport in other seasons. This seemingly minor detail helps to avoid many problems.

it is Important to remember! Winter cover on the grille can only be used at low temperatures, below +5 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, problems arise in the cooling system of the engine.

Where to buy winter grille?

the Plug can be made with your own hands, and you can go to a specialty store for purchase. Modern technologies allow to choose the most suitable solution without leaving home or office. When you select the stub must be guided by the following principles:

  1. plug must be made from quality and strong material. Preference is given to plastics and plexiglass;
  2. you must pick a solution specifically for your model of car, otherwise problems may arise during operation;
  3. , you should follow the installation instructions, protect or provide this process to the masters;
  4. use of protection during the warmer time of the year is unacceptable.

the Cost and types of the winter deflectors

the Average cost of the plug is 100 – 200 hryvnia, depending on the material of manufacture of details and models of cars. Another popular way to protect the radiator grille-to use a special case. It works on the principle of the grid, but made of soft materials, mainly made of artificial leather. Advantage of covers is that they are able to increase the speed of heating of the motor and prevent the loss of heat under the hood.

But the main drawback of the covers is to difficulties during operation-always make sure that the material had sufficient tension, otherwise use it is meaningless. Moreover, textile materials and leather substitutes are easily damaged. This is a very impractical and expensive compared to solutions from plastic and Plexiglas.

installation winter lining for Mercedes Vito


On what cars you can install accessory

Winter cap grille is available for almost all modern cars. Such popular brands and models of cars, such as Volkswagen, Fiat Doblo, Daewoo Lanos, Mercedes Sprinter and many others, to find protection is no problem. The winter hood is a somewhat vulnerable spot, he is not able to protect the engine from frost, and often does not retain the necessary quantity of warm air when driving. To solve this problem is to use the plug, as it will help to avoid engine wear.

is Considered the cold season can damage the engine much easier than in hot – just enough to operate the engine is warmed up and the problem will not be forthcoming. In order to avoid extra and unnecessary expenses should ensure the protection of the engine. A nice bonus is a consistently warm temperature in the car, which will make the overcoming of distances in the winter more comfortable.

Photo winter grille on the Octavia

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