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Dimensions are 46.5 cm by 5.5 cm

Tuning Lada is an interesting and laborious work that requires a lot of time. Once the model VAZ 2108 tuning, Lada has become a mandatory task for all the owners of this brand. During this period, the market began to appear high-quality parts and accessories for tuning.

Tuning parts Lada

Among car owners Lada, the most popular pieces of tuning, are the kits, bumpers and spoilers, and various overlays. Our online store offers quality accessories for tuning Lada:

  • covers of eco-leather that will ensure cleanliness in the cabin, and also will protect the seats from damage and dirt;
  • covers on the bumpers, arches, mirrors and other parts of body will make the exterior elegant, and in addition will protect against scratches and damage;
  • the side sills will make it easy to get into the vehicle interior, young children or elderly people, and will protect the side of the bodywork during a collision;
  • mats will allow you to quickly and conveniently clean the interior;
  • the connectors will reliably protect the front of the car during off-road driving or at the moment of collision.

It is worth noting that a large number of works on tuning a car you can do yourself, without the help of workshops. On our website you will be able to choose parts that are designed for your model and view the directory with photos to better see the range.

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