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Lining the mirrors is an effective way to prevent damage to the coating of mirrors. As well as a simple and reliable way to cope with the harmful influences of any origin (mechanical, chemical, impact, performance).

When we recommend you to buy chrome covers for mirrors?

  1. When the body regular mirrors covered with plastic, and not painted the body color.
  2. If you want to hide the defects in paintwork (traces of stones, scratches).
  3. To form a new shape of the car and for all the fans of tuning.

Beautiful and high quality covers for mirrors is not a luxury!

We offer chrome accessories for tuning two manufacturers. Products for car from Karmos cheaper. The reason for the low cost you can see in the table below.

The second manufacturer - Omsa (Omsa) is one of the leaders on the world market in the export of a variety of body kit on the car. His first birthday celebrated in 1995. And by 2000, the ninth year significantly expanded the range of products, with priority in product quality. Today products with this trademark can be found not only in Ukraine but also in CIS and European countries. All plates, including the mirrors, are produced on the modern equipment with the latest technology from Italian stainless steel. Perfect shape and elevation to a specific brand of car, installed without gaps and are used for many years.

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