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Among the general flow of cars, cars with additional exterior design always stand out. These elements include chrome-plated tuning parts that attract the eyes of others with their brilliance and originality. In this article, we will look at the side mirror covers and find out what materials they are made of.

What are chrome mirror covers for?

Chrome overlays on mirrors perform not only a decorative function, but also serve as a protective element with which you can avoid certain problems.
The main functions of chrome overlays on mirrors:

  1. Attractive appearance
  2. Protection of the mirror housing from scratches, chips and damage
  3. Hiding existing defects
  4. Eliminate extraneous noise when driving at high speeds

What materials are made from

The most common materials used for mirror caps are stainless steel and plastic. Steel parts last longer, but their price is somewhat more expensive. As for the chromed plastic, it also has a high gloss quality and can last a long time if maintained periodically.

Overlay installation

Even a novice car enthusiast can handle the installation of chrome lining on mirrors. To do this, it is not at all necessary to have any special tool or certain skills. As a rule, this accessory is fastened with double-sided tape. However, there are also options for mounting on glue or sealant. In any case, do not forget about the temperature regime, in frosty weather it is better not to do this, and if necessary, the adhesive tape must be heated with a hairdryer.

Where to buy chrome mirror caps

Chrome package always gives the car a more solid look, and mirror caps will make this part one of the most attractive and protected. On our tuning site you can find exactly those pads that are best suited to your car. Each detail is made individually for a certain model and repeats the relief of the mirror housings.

Beautiful and high-quality overlays on mirrors are not a luxury!

We offer chrome tuning accessories from two manufacturers. Products for the car from Karmos are cheaper. You can see the reason for the low cost in the table below.

The second manufacturer is Omsa (Omsa) - one of the leaders in the world market for the export of a variety of body kit for cars. The company celebrated its first birthday in 1995. And by the year 2000, it significantly expanded the range, making the quality of products a priority. Today, products with such a trademark can be found not only in Ukraine, but also in the CIS and European countries. All overlays, including mirrors, are made on modern equipment using the latest technologies from Italian stainless steel. Ideally suited in shape and relief to a particular brand of car, they are installed without gaps and serve for many years.

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