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What are car roof rails?

Car roof rails as part of tuning, there are several types. Most presented in our online store. All of them are made of pure aluminum, in very rare cases, a fiberglass or stainless steel.

The division by color

All the rails are covered as not covered aluminium oxidizes rapidly in kurugaya environment

  • Black - coated special powder coating in a furnace;
  • Metallic gray - the same black;
  • Grey Mat anodized (dip aluminum under tension in acid);
  • Silver (chrome) is a complex and long process, first the anodizing, then a special mirror finish.

The type of legs

  • Cast iron - whole leg, has the largest load capacity 150-200kg;

  • Iron, with plastic cover - as well as cast, has a large load capacity 120-150kg;

  • Leg passing out of aluminum - type Skyport (another name CROWN). Design as the VW;

  • Plastic leg Premium of high impact polystyrene is the most popular type. Load capacity passport up to 80 kg, but in fact we had to 120kg;

  • Plastic leg ABS Econom - cheap type. Load up to 40 kg. Such a model of the roof rails is not available in our store.

How to install roof rails

In most cars, the manufacturer has provided regular places. But there are times when there are nuances. So let's consider them:

  • In regular places on the bolt - problems with installation not, as mounted on the bolts;
  • In regular places, with no place for the bolt - is found in some cars - Renault Trafic (and analogues), Fiat Scudo (and analogues), Peugeot Partner 1996-2008. Complete with rails are special brackets, which are fixed in regular places. Then screwed the rails

  • Without regular places - package includes special inserts that stick to the body, then you will be able to fasten the rails. Examples of cars without standard seats - Nissan Qashqai, Kia soul, Volkswagen T4, cars a lot of wagons and hatchbacks..

Buying rails in our store, you will always get a full consultation to installation.

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