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Headlamp covers

Headlamp pads or, as they are also called "eyelashes". Everyone chooses whether to put them on their car. But still, they are and will be quite a useful thing. We will talk not only about aesthetics, but also about the functions of this unit.

Why do we need eyelashes on headlights

First of all, headlamp covers are a great accessory for car optics, which makes your car look more elegant and expensive. They will be the perfect addition to the moldings and make your car truly individual.

In addition, the eyelashes are set so that the car has its own "look". For example, it is with their help that you can achieve "evil gaze" or "robot gaze".

The chrome covers on the headlights of the car have an equally important function - to protect the headlights from damage.

Types of this accessory

Cilia can be divided into three categories:

  • Protective. Made from transparent plastic. The main function is to protect against stones and other damaging objects.
  • Chromed overlays. Such headlight covers have not only a protective function, but also an aesthetic one. Very durable and often used for car tuning.
  • Plastic. Budget and frequently used cilia, as an alternative to chrome.

How to buy

You can buy chrome headlight covers and lamp covers in our DDaudio online store. Here you can choose the accessories that are right for your car. Ordering chrome-plated headlight covers will take you a few minutes. Delivery is possible in Kiev, throughout Ukraine and even to European countries.

In addition, we ship the goods immediately the next day after ordering. You will be able to pay the full amount for the goods when placing an order or by cash on delivery after delivery.

our company

Our company Digital Designs Ukraine has existed in the car accessories market since 2004. We value our reputation very much, therefore we sell only high-quality and proven products. Our company is the official representative of such well-known Turkish manufacturers as OmsaLine & Meric and Carmos.

Here you can find out everything about chrome linings for car headlights by contacting the phone number indicated on our website. Their purchase price will depend on your car model.

If you are thinking of tuning your car or simply adding additional protection for it, do not hesitate. Car accessories will protect your car and delight your eyes.

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