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The exterior of the car always remains something special for almost every self-respecting car owner. For this and other reasons, the owners of their cars use various tuning parts. The side of the car also has its own appeal, so fitting chrome wheel arch liners will come in handy.

What are chrome arches for?

Chrome wheel arch linings tend to blend in very harmoniously with the exterior of the vehicle. They can be installed as an expander, that is, to give the arches a more massive look. Moreover, they perform not only the function of decoration, but also protection.

The main functions of chrome linings:

  • Aesthetic look
  • Body protection from scratches and chips
  • Concealment of existing defects

In order to understand how the car will look with this accessory, you can look at the photo below, where the SsangYong Kyron model is shown as an example.

Rexton chrome arches

What materials are they made of

Chrome arches are made of two materials - stainless steel and ABS plastic. In the first case, the part has high strength and durability, but the price for it is also appropriate. A plastic product shines no worse, but at the same time it can also be used for a long time. All parts are made for each specific car model and exactly repeat the relief of the attachment point.

Installation of parts

Chrome wheel arches are easy to install. To do this work, you can do without outside help and do not need to have special skills. All that is needed for fasteners is double-sided tape and the set of chrome-plated elements itself, which can contain from four or more elements. In addition to adhesive tape, a sealant or glue is also used, but working with them takes longer.

Download installation instructions for arch linings

Where can I buy

You can get acquainted with the assortment of chrome parts for wheel arches in our online store in the corresponding catalog. Here you can find exactly the products that are optimal for your car model.

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