This section will be useful only to owners of pickups, because the shelters and all sorts of devices for closing the space service of the body of this car just don't need the owners of the other vehicles in the absence of this element of the design. Actually we have defined the basic problem of the considered device - to restrict access and close in one space in the back of the pickup. What are their characteristics and what other funds can be used for these purposes will clarify further.

Kyunghee for pickups - the optimal solution

Given the need to retrofit a car in this class, you must understand that such an accessory would cost a lot, considering its dimensions, design features, interior decoration, and other factors. And if the budget is not very limited, then the installation of kung once and for all will solve all the problems related to the shipment and safety of items and passengers. In this case, the resulting volume can be used for the equipment of beds, transportation of dimensional and non-standard items, transportation of sports equipment and technology

From "minuses", as already mentioned, is the price. You can also mention the cumbersome design and the complexity of its installation. Improper mounting are prerequisites for the damage to the sides of the machine. All these problems can be overcome and did not detract from the merits of the device.

The factor of material in choosing the kung

To date, commercially available products are presented in 3 options depending on the main material of the products:

  • fibreglass - attractive material that will retain heat and keep moisture, but tends to the appearance of cracks and the geometry distortion vibration, "twisting", the low temperatures;
  • ABS is quite durable, lightweight, good aerodynamics, but is sensitive to frequent fluctuations and critical temperature values, may be subject to excessive wear and deformation due to the displacement of the body;
  • galvanized steel provides rigidity to the frame and the durability of the case prevents damage, immune to weather conditions, repairable, can be used under the rails and the trunk, from negative - more weight and high cost.

Under normal operating conditions without overloading and off-road assault in the middle lane in stable climatic zones is quite suitable shelters made of fiberglass and ABS. If you plan to load their "horse" in full, you have to shell out and spend on a metal body.

Alternative means of protecting the bed of a pickup truck

As an analogy, kung widespread more simple and cheap ways to fence a body. Consider some of them.

  1. Tent

The easiest and cheapest way to close the rear of the car, easy to install and practical in use. However, its protective function is more decorative external access does not overlap (or rather obstacle very easy to overcome), there is no ability to carry cargo on top of the shelter. This option can be considered more as temporary.

  1. Shutters

Easy to open and close (including the key) mechanism, aesthetic and easy to use. Largely flawed tents can leak, is not used as a support surface, with a slight deformation can seize and go crazy.

  1. Cover

Is a rigid plate, mounted between the sides, with the latter creating a single plane. She is reliable, hard-crack, protects from rain, is applied for external fixing of items. Of the negative properties - a significant limitation of the insulated space.

Military trucks and other accessories for pickup from DDAudio

We have presented is not a complete list of all possibilities and design solutions for the vehicle body of the class "Pickup truck". A lot more you will find in our online shop. Thanks to direct contacts with manufacturers and dealer status all the novelties of the market immediately find yourself in our field of vision and at the company's warehouses.

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