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If You are the proud owner of a van, of a van or SUV, then You may be interested in this category of goods, such as rear footrest foot or back protection of the body. In this group of goods is definitely possible to find a means of enhancing visual appeal, underscores the brand outlines and benefits of a specific brand of car. And in addition, many valuable and useful properties.

Rear footrest protection and convenient upgrade

In addition to the aesthetic appearance and stylish design, this accessory provides additional protection for the body and creates a reference surface, which can be useful in a variety of situations related to the operation of vehicles. In most of their performances back protection or tripping can have the following form:

  • protective arc;
  • flat wide footrest;
  • localized protection at the Central axis of the vehicle;
  • the rear trim across the width of the vehicle;
  • solid back protection with one-piece corners.

Typically, the tuning element is made of tubular workpieces or flat rectangular surfaces that are attached to the car body. They can be in the form of solid lines or broken line configuration with the placement of the individual sections in different planes. As materials in most cases used stainless steel, aluminum and various alloys. They can also have plastic and rubberized parts.

Back protection (side step) from the company DDaudio

In our online shop You will find the most complete and varied selection of protective means for the rear of vans and other utility equipment. It offers well-chosen lineup of devices, a wide range of products for different makes and models of cars, professional advice of our managers.

Turning to the company DDaudio, You can be absolutely sure in originality and high quality products for tuning. Ordering vending back protection will take some couple of minutes, and convenient form of payment and receipt of products does not take a lot of effort and will not require additional activities. Effect from the purchase You will reap for many years of operation of the vehicle, receiving all the benefits of working with a reliable and conscientious supplier.

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