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Covers for door handles (4 pcs., Steel) AUDI A3
Article: car2051

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34 USD
You want to highlight your car...
You want to highlight your car AUDI (Audi) A3 of the masses like? Then we'll take care of it and beautify tuning chrome details, including the purchase and pads on handles trademark OMSA (included 4 pieces).

Audi A5 pads on the mirror (steel)
Article: car0001
77 USD
Covers for mirrors, Audi (Audi...
Covers for mirrors, Audi (Audi) A5 chrome-plated steel - a worthy setting for your iron friend. On sale are accessories and OMSA, CARMOS.

Covers for mirrors Audi A6 (94-97)
Article: 6601111
101 USD
Chrome moldings on the mirror ...
Chrome moldings on the mirror Audi (Audi) A6 from Us Omsa made of polished stainless steel, which does not lose its shine and attractive appearance for many years.

Audi A4 mirror strip (steel), 2004↗
Article: car0002
60 USD
To give your car Audi (Audi) A...
To give your car Audi (Audi) A4 original style, you definitely need the chrome moldings on the mirror that we offer to buy at a very attractive price (in available goods and brands Omsa Carmos).

Audi Q5 door pillars Moldings
Article: car0567
78 USD
Made of stainless steel, polis...
Made of stainless steel, polished. Very good quality. Attached to the tape.

Audi Q7 pads on stainless steel handles.
Article: car2611

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35 USD
Audi A6 2012 the edge of the trunk (stainless)
Article: 1115052
51 USD
Turkey, the edge of the trunk ...
Turkey, the edge of the trunk for the sedan АудиА6 2012+. Made of stainless steel with factory equipment. Self-adhesive.

Decor cars of Audi 100 cigar
Article: dek001

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77 USD
Click Details to see colors...
Click Details to see colors

Audi A3 2012 the edge of the trunk stainless
Article: 1112052
51 USD
Turkey, the edge of the trunk ...
Turkey, the edge of the trunk for the sedan АудиА3 2012+. Made of stainless steel with factory equipment. Self-adhesive.

Tuning cars AUDI (Audi) at the best prices in Ukraine and CIS! gives ample opportunities for implementation of a variety of fantasies and desires regarding the appearance of the car. Machine, with modern and edgy details that can further emphasize the high status of the owner..

What can you find??

Our shop tries to do everything possible to make tuning of Audi for you to become accessible and enjoyable. We can offer you only high quality accessories that will delight you for a long time after installation.

In the online store ddaudio.com.ua motorists can purchase the pads on the panels, handles and mirrors, sills, moldings, electrical connectors, spoilers and many other accessories for tuning Audi. The goods purchased are able to significantly change the car for the better and make it the design is really elegant.

Tuning Audi we have is ...

  • The most affordable prices. You can hardly find a store with lower prices in Ukraine. Refund 110% of the difference!!!
  • original products from known manufacturers. To directories is definitely not Chinese fakes!
  • the warranty on all the accessories for tuning up to 5 years.
  • shipping to other countries (Russia and Belarus), individual approach;
  • professional support and assistance, having our own warehouse and the absence of intermediaries;
  • Only the best chrome packages Audi offers our resource. Stainless steel with high chrome and high quality Italian ABS plastic. This is all to ensure that you were satisfied with the products that we offer. Buy from us and get a discount!
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