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Eco-leather car covers.

The car interior will become more comfortable and solid if you use eco-leather seat covers. This type of covers is perfect for any type of car and at the same time will make its aesthetic side a level higher.

Features and positive aspects.

These cases have a number of advantages:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Create a status view.
  • Good eco-leather is durable and does not wear out for a long time.
  • Nice prices.

This material is easy to manufacture. It is made of special dense fabric and covered with a polyurethane film. High-quality car seat covers made of eco-leather look like real leather and have the same resistance to damage.

Leather or eco-leather. What is the difference.

Unlike genuine leather, its substitute for salons is much cheaper and real to buy. One cannot argue about the environmental friendliness of the use of covers in cars with this material. Eco-leather has become very popular. This is because living beings do not suffer during the manufacture of the material. The appearance and durability of such leather remain at a decent level. It is not inferior to natural. Eco leather car covers are much easier to care for and more breathable than real leather covers.

The difference between eco-leather and leatherette.

Although eco-leather is an artificial material, it is different from leatherette. Its main quality is high air permeability and durability. Also, the appearance and softness of ecological leather is similar to natural material. Leatherette quickly cracks and deteriorates, but eco-leather covers are another story.

How to choose covers.

It is easy to choose eco-leather covers for cars. The main factor in the search is confidence in the quality of the product. After all, only high-quality leather will last a long time. Our company is what you need. Digital Designs Ukraine is a company that has been on the car market for over 15 years. We sell auto parts and accessories, including faux leather seat covers.

Ecological skin has many pores. So she breathes. If you need a very good breathability of the seat covers, opt for car seat covers made of perforated eco-leather. This type of material has many holes, which makes the fabric as breathable as possible.

Our company.

If you are looking for car covers made of eco-leather or fabric seat covers , then take a look at our DDAUDIO online store. Here you will find what you are looking for in a couple of minutes. Select the make and model of the car and you will see all the products from this category that are suitable for them.

We cooperate only with trusted companies and sell only high-quality products. We are representatives of significant Turkish companies that produce seat covers for car interiors from eco-leather.

Our company employs professionals in their field who are happy to help. For all your questions, please contact us by phone or order a call from a specialist to your phone number.

Payment and delivery.

You can buy car seat covers made of eco-leather for car seats in a matter of minutes, while paying for the order immediately with a card or upon receipt by cash on delivery. Also, in our store it is possible to take goods on credit.

The price for eco-leather covers is loyal. Shipping cost will depend on the size of the order. If the order exceeds UAH 3,000, then delivery will be free. You can order eco-leather covers to Kiev or any other city in Ukraine. We also deliver goods abroad: to Moldova, Italy, Poland or other European countries.

Buying covers from our store is a great solution. The interior of the car with such an accessory will look expensive and will protect the interior of the car from damage.

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