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It's time to introduce the company's customers and visitors to the DDAudio website with such a product of the autotuning industry as a deflector on the hood of a vehicle. What it is and for what purposes it serves, we will try to explain to an inexperienced consumer and all those who make the first steps in the direction of additional equipment and finishing of your "iron horse". Let us dwell separately on one of its types, designed for installation on the hood of a car.

Hood deflector - what is it?

Strictly speaking, the deflector is a protective structure made of plastic or light-alloy material, and installed in a certain place on the outside of the vehicle. It can be a hood, rear and side windows, headlights. According to their design, they can be of different shapes, colors and ways of fastening.

"Fly swatter" - that's what they called in a professional deflector placed on the hood of a car. It is installed on the front of it and is visible from afar on city roads and highways. Rounded shapes and matte sheen are sure to attract the eyes of "colleagues in the automotive workshop" and all connoisseurs of beauty. However, the functionality of this useful detail is far from exhausted by the beauty and design look.

According to the installation method, these devices are divided into types:

  • with internal fastening;
  • with external fastening;
  • combined.

As a rule, the design of products provides for a gap between the deflector and the hood, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and prevents damage to the hood cover.

Purpose and functions of the "fly swatter"

Before you start choosing a hood deflector, you should ask yourself if it is even necessary. Yes, there are supporters of minimalism in the approach to equipping the car, and they most likely will not bother with such tuning. And such an opinion has the right to exist, but our experience, as well as the practice of using this part of a car by our customers, suggests otherwise.

So what is the utilitarian component of the automobile "fly swatter"? Here are the main arguments in favor of using a deflector on the hood:

  1. Protection of the windshield of the car from damage caused by small stones and hard objects;
  2. Prevention of scratches and thinning of the paint layer as a result of contact with abrasive particles;
  3. Keeping the front of the vehicle clean, achieved by preventing contact with dirt, dust, debris, insects;
  4. Weakening of the impact of meteorological factors (rain, snow, hail) on the visibility and visibility of the driver;
  5. Improving the dynamic characteristics of the movement of a car due to the redirection of air flows;
  6. Improving the aesthetic properties of the body and the external design of the equipment.

Features of installing the hood deflector

In general, the installation of the "fly swatter" does not present any difficulty. Nevertheless, knowing certain nuances will help to avoid unnecessary mistakes and miscalculations. It is necessary to make a reservation that universalism is not inherent in this type of goods; for each brand of the machine, its own deflector is used, which takes into account all its design features.

If we talk about the general installation scheme, without dwelling on a specific modification and method of attachment, then it consists in performing a few simple operations. First of all, this is cleaning the surface of the hood from dirt and preparing for installation. Then, using clips and fasteners (screws or self-tapping screws) through the holes in the rubber seals and deflectors (in some cases in the form of lugs) the device is fixed on the surface of the hood.

Hood deflector - the recommendation of professionals

DDAudio recommends only the right accessories for your "four-wheeled friend". Hood deflectors are one of them. Here you will find goods for cars of all manufacturers and brands, intricate shapes and design solutions, a wide palette of colors and tones. Buying special accessories in our online store is a profitable, convenient and reliable way to spend your money for your own comfort and car protection.

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