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If you are going to tune your “true friend”, not every vehicle owner plans to install curtains on a car. For some, this is an extra waste, for someone a sign of excessive pretentiousness, many prefer tinted windows. All these considerations, of course, can be considered a good reason for ignoring this category of goods, however, we will still try to convince the thoughtful consumer and look at this issue from a slightly different angle, paying tribute to such an important and functional element as car curtains.

Curtains on the car - an indispensable accessory.

This statement is not just an advertising slogan or an exaggerated characteristic, but the real state of affairs regarding the role of these items in the life of the driver, passengers and the car itself. Why are they needed and what positive effect do they have? Let's try to give the most significant tasks that car curtains perform.

  • remedy for prying eyes. Even if you are not a drug courier or a regular hero of the column “they are wanted by the police” and you have nothing to hide, in many cases you still want solitude and comfort without extraneous presence and sidelong glances;
  • protection against overheating of the air in the cabin. It's no secret that a long stay in the open sun turns a metal structure into a real gas chamber. Having at your disposal car curtains, this can be avoided, as they say, with a slight movement of the hand;
  • preventing interior damage. Direct sunlight can cause serious damage to the elements of car decoration. This manifests itself in the form of burnout, melting, cracking of the plastic casing, video recording device, navigator and other useful things inside the vehicle;
  • driver and passenger safety. If, at the very least, an air conditioner can save you from heat, then irreparable harm can be done to human health from direct sunlight. This is due to the action of solar radiation and toxic emissions from overheated plastic. And here, by the way, there will be a small strip of matter that absorbs and reflects light energy;
  • beauty and comfort of the interior of the car. No matter what anyone says, such an insignificant item as a curtain on a car can create its own special individual style and a sense of harmony, which are so important on long journeys and travels. Especially if the car also serves as a place to sleep.

Moreover, it should be noted all the positive aspects of the use of car curtains, that they all go to the car owner for very little money.

Alternative glass barriers

We hope we managed to convince you of the need to purchase curtains for cars or other means of protecting car windows for your four-wheeled pet. It remains only to decide on the method and means of ensuring convenience and safety in the cabin.

The most affordable way to protect the interior of the car from solar radiation is the use of reflective foil-based mats. However, this is a primitive, insufficiently effective and limited method. Window tinting is also quite popular among motorists. Here you can give arguments for and against for a long time, we will only point out the generally known fact that the application of a tinted film or spraying entails a deterioration in visibility. This is especially unpleasant and dangerous in conditions of poor visibility at night or in certain meteorological conditions.

But with car curtains in all circumstances you will feel confident and comfortable. They are easy to maintain and unpretentious, reliable and durable, with them you can safely plunge into the hot atmosphere of the metropolis or plan a long-distance multi-day “outing”. Which option of sunscreen you would not choose, remember that you can get all the comprehensive information and the most qualified help from our consultants or on the company's website.

Car blinds from DDAudio

And since our beliefs did not leave you indifferent and pushed you to the decision to install curtains on your car, our direct responsibility is to ensure that you are not disappointed with your purchase. In our online store you can find the latest models of tuning accessories, the widest range of products in various price categories.

On the pages of the portal, you can easily select car curtains for your “swallow”, based on the brand of the vehicle, interior colors, style preferences and design features. And no matter what you stop your eyes on, you can be absolutely sure of the quality of the fabric, the strength of the metal rods and the reliability of the fasteners of the product.

If you are not tired of our advice yet, please pay attention to the new delivery of Turkish-made car curtains to the warehouse of our company. Their distinctive feature is the execution of guides for moving the fabric contour. The latter are a pair mechanism in the form of an anodized aluminum profile and slides sliding along them, to which a curtain is attached using special hooks. Thus, a smooth running and reliable fixation of the protective device is ensured.

There is nothing easier and more affordable than to purchase the treasured auto products on our site. You can easily find complete information about curtains, sunscreens and other materials and components for car decoration, their cost, methods of payment and delivery on the pages of the DDAudio company website.

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