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If you are going to tune your "loyal friend", not every vehicle owner plans to install blinds in the car. For some, this is unnecessary waste for someone a sign of unnecessary frills, many people prefer the tinted Windows. All of these considerations, of course, can be considered a valid reason for ignoring this product category, however, still try to convince the thoughtful of the consumer and look at this issue from a somewhat different angle, paying tribute to such an important and functional item, like a car blind.

Blinds on the car - an indispensable accessory.

This statement is not just a slogan or exaggerated characteristics, and the real situation on the role of these subjects in the life of the driver, passengers and the car itself. For what they need and what the positive effect? We will try to give the most important tasks performed by automotive blinds.

  • the tool from prying eyes. Even if You are not a courier or a permanent hero of the rubric "wanted posters" and You have nothing to hide, still in many cases want privacy and comfort, without the presence of outsiders and oblique views;
  • protection against overheating of the air in the cabin. It is no secret that long stay in the open sun turns the metal structure into a real gas chamber. Having at their disposal a car blind, this can be avoided, that is, easy hand movement;
  • preventing damage to the salon. Direct sunlight is able to cause serious damage to elements of the decoration of the car. This is manifested in the form of burnout, melting, cracking plastic trim, instrument recording, GPS and other useful things within the vehicle;
  • the safety of the driver and passengers. If the heat somehow can save the air conditioner from direct sunlight to human health and can cause irreparable harm. This is due to the influence of solar radiation and toxic substances from superheated plastic. And here, by the way, will be a small strip of material, absorbing and reflecting light energy;
  • the beauty and comfort of the car interior. No matter what anyone said, and such a little thing as shade for car, you may create your special individual style and a feeling of harmony which is so important in long journeys and voyages. Especially if the car is used as a place of lodging.

Moreover, it should be noted all the positive aspects of application of auto blinds, which they all accrue to the owner for very little funds.

Alternative tekleselassie funds

Hope we managed to convince You in the need to purchase curtains for cars or other means of protection of car Windows to your four-wheeled pet. It remains only to define the method and means of providing convenience and safety in the salon.

The most affordable way to protect the interior space of the vehicle from solar radiation is the use of reflective mats on the basis of the foil. However, this is a primitive, inefficient and restricted in its action method. Sufficient popularity among car enthusiasts enjoys and tinted Windows. Here can be long to give the arguments for and against, we only mention in General well-known fact that the application of tinted film or deposition leads to deterioration in visibility. This is especially unpleasant and dangerous in conditions of poor visibility in the dark or in certain weather conditions.

But with the car blind in all circumstances You will feel confident and comfortable. They are friendly and unpretentious, reliable and durable, they can safely plunge into the hot atmosphere of the metropolis or to plan a long multi-day "sortie". What option collectamania means You would not have chosen, remember that all the detailed information and the most qualified help You can get from our consultants or on the website of the company.

Car blinds from the company DDAudio

And since our beliefs will not leave You indifferent and prompted the decision to install blinds for cars, it is our duty to ensure that you are not left disappointed with your purchase. In our online store you can find the most modern models of accessories for tuning, the widest range of products in different price categories.

On portal pages You can easily select the car covers of Your "swallows" based on the brand of vehicle, color salon, style preferences and design features. And what would You have stopped your look, you can be absolutely confident in the quality of fabric, strength of metal rods and reliability of fastening products.

If You haven't tired of our tips, please pay attention to the new arrival to the warehouse of our company car blind Turkish production. Their distinctive feature is the implementation guide for travel of the fabric loop. The latter are pair mechanism in the form of a profile made of anodized aluminium and sliding on the slides, which with the help of special hooks attached to the curtain. Thus, there is a ride and a reliable fixation of the protective device.

There is nothing easier than to get their cars on our site. Full information about blinds, sunscreens and other materials and components for finishing the cars, their value, ways of payment and delivery You will find on the pages of the company website DDAudio.

Car blinds and other protective equipment

In a good vehicle should be considered all the nuances and details. Each of them should feel the soul of the owner and the master's hand. There are no insignificant moments and little things, everything must be thought out and executed with technical perfection and excellent taste. Because of these considerations, many car owners are installing sun blinds. This element of the interior is able to brighten up the long hours of moving and to protect occupants from the summer heat and the unwanted attention from passers-by.

Today, specialty stores and shopping venues offer a wide choice of means of protection from negative effects of sunlight. These can be rugs with reflective surface, mesh protective elements, roller blinds. However, as practice shows they are a partial solution and freed from its faults, creating inconvenience and irritate the driver.

So, foiled mats have a limited number of sizes, which significantly narrows the possibility of their use for different brands of vehicles and can not completely eliminate the ingress of light into the cabin. In addition, they often interfere and "underfoot" inside the car or in its trunk. Cellular materials, usually installed on side and rear Windows of the passenger compartment and have the same drawbacks as the previous described methods of protection of the car. In addition to the above, it can be noted that after installation of this tool on the side window cannot be open. Fixture roller type usually have a high cost and rather complicated mechanism of Assembly and disassembly.

Against this background, the installation of a traditional cloth shutter looks much more advantageous and profitable. They are practically deprived of the disadvantages of the described properties and to effectively and simply perform their task. Especially because now it is not just a handicraft device, but rather technological and functional element of interior decoration. And so many materials, shapes, sizes and colors and does not count. So our recommendation to the owners a closer look at this, at first glance, banal and straightforward accessory.

And a few words about how to extend the already long service life of the car blind. First of all, the necessary accuracy in their operation: opening and closing should be done without jerks and sudden movements. Removing and washing should not be too frequent and excessively rare. It is necessary to minimize the use of detergents to avoid the washing set of chlorine-containing substances. It is not recommended to go under the scorching sun with wet curtains.

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