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The car is for most modern humans became the primary means of transportation, without which it is impossible to get to work, to arrive at the appointed time for a meeting, or go on vacation. Therefore, like any property, people seek to embellish and improve your vehicle, making it more unique and cozy.

Selection of floor mats for car nowadays is a feasible task, which should not take much time. But anyway, every car owner needs to understand that autocure divided into several categories, which are defined specifications.

Mats for the car interior: how to choose?

Automotive carpets are versatile and model, and also differ in the materials used in their production process, but most importantly: price. Frankly speaking, universal car mats in the majority of the cost come out cheaper than the model. This, to some extent, can be considered as an advantage and a disadvantage.

The lack of universal is that most of them have no collars. Of course, they can be customized for a particular car model, but then again, to perform this operation you need to spend a lot of time. It is also important to understand that any wrong step in the process of fitting them to the desired size can cause, that you will have to buy a new one.

According to the model, it's simple: they are developed by the manufacturer or his authorised representative under a single model of car. When buying them do not get hung up on size, she should be considered a positive and very important advantage of autocoro that are made specifically "under a single model" of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. As a rule, our compatriots just look at the price and not on benefits that is the main reason for committing most mistakes in the selection process of these products.

Car mats: what to choose?

Universal and model are made of different materials. For example, today the most popular is considered, made of rubber and various types of textile materials:

  1. Rubber: stand out from the rest with accessibility in terms of cost, and also by the presence/absence of high bumpers (depending on model and manufacturer). However, the major drawbacks is the low threshold of flexibility, high brittleness, high weight, as well as the opportunity for a long time to keep unpleasant odors.
  2. Polyurethane : high sides have a good configuration, high level of abrasion resistance and lower weight and lack of odors. Are expensive, which are less popular among car owners.
  3. Textile: there are budget and premium along with luxury. Unlike some of the others is price and material. For example, the most expensive rugs in this category are those that are made of polypropylene fabric present on her hair, when called as a cheap textile floor mats, made from polypropylene fibers with a pile height of five millimeters.

Today, you can buy mats in the car interior is not difficult. For example, in our store are as cheap, premium and luxury model. Therefore, if you decide to buy, but don't know which one to choose, then contact our Manager, he certainly will tell you the benefits of one or the other, and also answer any questions you may have.

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