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Tuning front bumper - it is always important for any motorist, because this part of the machine is perfect for holding change. First, this part of the body in the first place conspicuous to other road users, and second, the frontal plane is of great importance to aerodynamics, and the structure of the front side of the vehicle provides ample opportunities to change its appearance. This is why drivers are withdrawn leading role in the process of optional equipment, the manipulation of the bumper.

Tuning front bumper - types and methods of conducting

A set of exterior changes to this structure depends on the purpose for which they are held. It can be just a beautiful attribute to the aesthetic taste of the owner, and can be a completely functional item that can bring many benefits. Well, if you avtoaksessuary are all together, we can speak of a successful tuning. Consider the main features of retrofitting the front bumper and the positive effect that they can give.

  1. Pads can be present in the form of spoilers or diffusers and influence the redistribution of air flows, vectors and values arising forces when driving vehicles. Well designed, manufactured, and matched the body kit to improve the stability of the stroke, to absorb part of the impact energy and make an impression on fellow motorists. It is important to remember that this item needs to have a streamlined shape with a predominance of the area of the top of the bumper where it is not desirable the presence of cutouts, deducing the air flow under the body of the machine. For a harmonic appearance use neat no-frills lining, stylistically relevant features of the bumper and car models, which are set so that they were not above the level of the thresholds.
  2. Grille - installed instead of the factory usually in cheap primitive performance products. This accessory is used to prevent dirt, debris, insects in the ribs of the heat exchanger, protection from rocks and make attractive features, new lines and proportions of Your pet. To ensure normal heat transfer is the main task of this accessory, so it is too small the grid is invalid. In addition, for reliable and smooth operation of the vehicle, it is desirable to choose products made from durable material, good resistant to high temperatures.
  3. The device is passive protection is represented mainly by the connectors (kengurenka), which are designed to provide the maximum possible safety in collisions and road accidents. These devices are a welded construction of metal pipes and plates of various shapes, heights and sizes. They can be placed in the Central part of the front side of the machine, and can span the entire width and even perform the role of protector for the wings. The modern model of protection to fully allow them to include, among other things, to the elements of external design with bright and aggressive message to other vehicles in the traffic stream.
  4. Extra lighting - it can act as an independent means of tuning, and can be combined with different types of skirts. From the practical side of the use of lights is not included in the regular package, we can note the better visibility of a spatial zone in front of the car, duplication of functions standard lamps when they fail. Largely they are designed to give individuality and ostentatious showiness appearance of the car.

The accessories company DDaudio for the front bumper

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