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Chrome mirrors for Volkswagen Touareg 2003 - 2007 (Omsa)
Article: car0271

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4.29/5 Votes: 14
price 51 USD
The chrome on the mirrors i...
The chrome on the mirrors in the form of steel panels is only suitable for tuning Volkswagen Touareg 2003-2007 model year. The accessories are mounted on 3M tape ensures a secure grip. Set - 2 pads. Material Italian stainless steel
Chrome Mirror Volkswagen LT (plastic package)
Article: car0093
4.14/5 Votes: 7
price 37 USD
Chrome Mirror - a plastic p...
Chrome Mirror - a plastic pad covers, which are glued on top of the factory building. Their surface is covered with several layers of chromium, which is not oblazit !!! Includes 2 pads and instructions. Karmos, Turkey

We are pleased to offer you accessories and tuning Volkswagen at the lowest prices in Ukraine! You will find a wide range of products, detailed product descriptions, guaranteed lowest price, high quality and convenient service, prompt and free delivery. We work for You and for your sake, so do not hurry to leave this page.

Tuning Volkswagen: a Wealth of accessories

In our store you can buy all kinds of chrome trims:

  • door sills
  • Pads on the handle;
  • Front and rear bumper;
  • Lining the mirrors.

In addition, you will find a wide choice of interior decoration and aerodynamic body kit, roof rails, stainless steel protection bars, bumpers, air vents and many other attachments. All products are made by leading Turkish, Polish and American manufacturers, as products which are now no doubt none of the motorist.

All the goods for tuning of the VW always have in stock in our warehouse, so you no longer have months to wait for ordered items. And the process of selecting the chrome trims and other accessories incredibly easy, because this website was created for your convenience.

Where to buy accessories for Volkswagen?

If you live in the city, any equipment tuning Volkswagen you can install in our service center where we also offer services such as akvapechat and insulation. And we hope that, automobile tuning, carried out with the help of our product will make your "iron friend" more bold, bright and memorable. For customers from other cities, we do free delivery.

Have questions about the bus? We invite all visitors to our store in avtoklub BUCOVAT, where thousands of users will answer Your questions and where there is a popular section. Just type in the search word botovod.

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