Transporter Multivan Caravella T5 (2010↗)

Volkswagen T5 facelift pads on the handles of steel
Article: car8268

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28 USD
Volkswagen Transporter T5 2010↗ Lining under the handle
Article: car0338

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30 USD
Pad on the boot handle Volkswagen Transporter T5 (Omsa)
Article: car8267

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16 USD
Fashionable and stylish access...
Fashionable and stylish accessory for tuning Volkswagen Transporter T5 - trim on the boot lid gives the bead an even more powerful and expressive. Made of chrome-plated steel, it is practical and durable.

Volkswagen T5 GP 2010-2015 the sill plates
Article: car0263

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52 USD
The sill plates VW T5 (Omsa)
Article: 7522092

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95 USD
Facing onto the ledge Laser VW T5 (2 pieces)
Article: laz-023

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15 USD
There is an inscription Transp...
There is an inscription Transporter, Caravella, Multivan

Volkswagen T5 Trim above the number of chrome steel
Article: car2987

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24 USD

Volkswagen T5 tuning which can be purchased at our wholesale store, provides security on the road. Thanks to functional equipment, the ability to change the space inside the cabin, the Volkswagen T5 has gained popularity among fans of cars. If you wish to upgrade your iron friend, make notes of individuality in the exterior and interior, suggest to pay attention to the body kit and accessories in the shop.

Why you need a tuning Volkswagen T5 and where to buy?

Exterior tuning the process fun and effective way to draw attention to the car. Pumped machine is not only a demonstration of confidence and success, but also a way of expression. As tuning Volkswagen T5 is not a matter of necessity, all these toys are not cheap. But if you buy attachments for exterior (roof rails, body kit sills and mirrors, the connectors and footboard) in our store you can save a lot of money. Store being the largest in Ukraine, not only offers the lowest rates, but also free shipping and warranty on all goods is 5 years.

Than done a tuning Volkswagen T5?

Will not affect the improvement of the technical characteristics of transport, we will talk only about the external styling and modernizations of the interior. And it can be:

  • footrests - facilitate landing in the car, protecting the body and passengers from injury in side impact collisions;
  • kengurin - sometimes front and rear (has a protective function in case of an accident);
  • sill - this tuning Volkswagen T5 prevents premature corrosion and adds gloss to the interior;
  • pads on handles - protects plastic parts from scuffs and scratches (or hide them);
  • stickers on the mirror - protects the body mirrors from road damage abrasive particles;
  • aerodynamic kit (spoiler, wing, bumper, etc) - improve the handling of the Volkswagen T5 at high speeds;
  • pads on bar salon - able for a few minutes to change the interior of the machine beyond recognition;
  • akvapechat - an innovative way of tuning, which in appearance is very similar to the factory decor.

You will find the tuning for Transporter T5, Multivan Caravella or cheaper, than we will refund 110% of the difference.

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