Tuning Volkswagen Transporter T5 (2003↗)

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Transporter T5 Lining on mirrors
Article: car0257

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3.69/5 Votes: 13
price 26 USD
Volkswagen T5 covers for mirrors carbon (ABS, legs)
Article: 7526114
4/5 Votes: 9
price 91 USD
Carbon covers for mirrors m...
Carbon covers for mirrors made of durable plastic and covered with technology akvapechat. There are different variations of colors (standard carbon black). To fasten, as with other chrome-chrome trim on 3M tape. Price for the set on the right and left mirror.
Volkswagen T5 trim on the handle of steel
Article: car8268

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4.36/5 Votes: 11
price 20 USD
Volkswagen Transporter T5 Lining under the handle (2003-2010)
Article: car0338

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4.23/5 Votes: 13
price 21 USD
Style and quality are the m...
Style and quality are the main features of the pads under the handles for VW Transporter T5, made in the form of holes. Made of steel, they will update the exterior, add the bead of respectability and definitely will not go unnoticed. It is possible to complete in 4 PCs
Strap on room VW T5 (for swing doors)
Article: car2984

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4.75/5 Votes: 12
price 20 USD
Chrome strap mounted above...
Chrome strap mounted above the rear number Volkswagen T5 and adds completeness to the exterior of the van. Only suitable for versions with swing doors of the Luggage compartment. Made of steel.
Strap on the back number Volkswagen T5 (Lyada)
Article: car2987

Select the manufacturer:

4.55/5 Votes: 11
price 17 USD
Made of steel, chrome strip...
Made of steel, chrome strip is designed to protect the license plate from contamination, Volkswagen T5 add some zest. Mounted very simple - on top of regular trims to scotch (for machines with an up tailgate).
Trim the trunk, edge VW transporter T5 (steel, Omsa)
Article: car2988

Select the type of rear door:

4.5/5 Votes: 10
price 21 USD
THERE are 2 door back door...
THERE are 2 door back door and Onodera!!! Trim the bottom edge of the trunk of the Volkswagen T5 will not confuse your minibus with any other. Much attract the attention of metal sills of this chrome-plated accessory for tuning. Made of steel, is attached to the tape.
Trim the top stop VW T5
Article: 7522152
4.5/5 Votes: 4
price 27 USD
Pads on the stop signal int...
Pads on the stop signal intended for tuning VW Transporter T5. Made of steel and are the same geometry with standard optical elements. Attached to the tape.
Moldings glass Volkswagen Transporter T5
Article: car0412

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4.33/5 Votes: 12
price 21 USD
Moldings of glass for Volks...
Moldings of glass for Volkswagen Transporter T5 made from 314 stainless steel, and unlike plastic, not afraid of seasonal temperature fluctuations. Material Turkish steel. Included 2 products that warranted.
Moldings door Volkswagen T5 Carmos
Article: car6733

Select the manufacturer database and auto:

3.93/5 Votes: 15
price 42 USD
There is a long (7 pieces)...
There is a long (7 pieces) and short base (5 parts). A respectable auto – only high-quality and spectacular accessories such as the chrome strips on the door moldings VW (Volkswagen) Transporter T5. Made of polished steel they emphasize the brutal form of a bead, and will protect the surface of the doors.
Trim for the gas cap with logo VW T5 (Carmos)
Article: car4515
4.44/5 Votes: 9
price 12 USD
The hatch of the tank due t...
The hatch of the tank due to frequent opening and closing are highly susceptible to scratching. To protect against damage to the paintwork or to hide the existing defects will be stylish trim on the cap of the tank. Made from Turkish steel and has a polished.
Pad on the hatch of the tank without logo VW T5 (Omsa)
Article: 7522071
4.6/5 Votes: 10
price 18 USD
Stylish, practical and dura...
Stylish, practical and durable chrome trim on the gas tank of the Volkswagen T5 will become an indispensable accessory in the German tuning bead. Besides the fact that the product looks impressive, it also protects the body from scratches and abrasions. Material Italian stainless steel
Volkswagen T5 Chrome turn signal covers Carmos
Article: car4497
4.5/5 Votes: 6
price 6 USD
Such an inexpensive, but ve...
Such an inexpensive, but very effective and practical accessory for tuning Volkswagen (Volkswagen), will add some zest to the German van and protect the standard optics from shock and mechanical damage. Mounted on 3M adhesive tape.

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You can choose and buy scuff plates, handles, mirrors, dashboard, roof spoiler, aerodynamic body kit and moldings of any shape, any design and guaranteed low prices.

Our experts are always ready to help you make the right choice, which will emphasize and give completeness interior and exterior VW Transporter. After all, the chrome packages are the most recent stroke, which is able to harmoniously complete tuning your car.

You can choose from chrome accessories for tuning T5 and other attached equipment from leading manufacturers from around the world. And our affordable prices, professional staff and a wide range of goods will only contribute to this and will pleasantly surprise you.

We wish you good shopping and good mood!


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