Dropshipping and Wholesale

After authorization, you can "walk the site" and see the balance in the warehouse and wholesale prices

Digital Designs is a wholesale company, an importer of exclusive tuning, which enables people to distinguish their cars from others! We are the largest suppliers of auto parts in Ukraine.

We offer the best spare parts, accessories, optics, body kit and tuning wholesale from such world manufacturers as Omsa Line, Carmos, ErkulAuto, Meric, Can Otomotiv, Can Koruma, GBT, CIXTAI, 1234 Upgrade, Dongmart ...

The products of these brands are of excellent quality and excellent value. Since the establishment of our company, we have been cooperating at the highest level with the world`s best tuning manufacturers. We provide our clients and partners with only the highest quality products and services.

7 reasons for wholesale and dropshipping to buy tuning and auto accessories from us

  1. The lowest prices combined with the largest assortment;
  2. Availability of a large own warehouse in Chernivtsi;
  3. Direct delivery to your client (dropshipping)
  4. Instant processing and execution of orders;
  5. Online ordering, no additional calls;
  6. Online order editing and tracking;
  7. Individual approach, advice, support;

Geographically, the sale of spare parts wholesale is not limited, we deliver to all cities of Ukraine, we cooperate with several transport companies.

Watch the video on how to use the dealer section!

Price lists, unloading PROM, CSV, API

All these functions will be available after you register as a wholesaler and log in on our website (Menu -> Download price lists, as well as Menu -> API Documentation).

In prices - you will have access to wholesale and retail prices, availability, categories and subcategories of goods. In XML upload - the complete structure of the site with photos.

Availability and order of auto goods. Range of accessories

Thanks to the B2B system, you can see our availability and your wholesale prices. More rare items, or so to speak unique, we carry on order. The term of order execution is from 1 to 3 weeks (we recommend taking a small advance from our clients)

Our terms and conditions how to reserve or order a product?

  1. We do not reserve the goods, but we accept the real order;
  2. The order must be made through the basket (if you are our partner, you will have a different basket than a retail customer). Do not forget to log in!
  3. In some cases, we can accept an order by phone - in the header of the site, after authorization, you will have a phone number for the wholesale department;

Sending your orders

  1. Orders through the shopping cart site, we accept around the clock. Consultations by phone or VIBER - Mon-Fri 09: 00-17: 00;
  2. Standard dispatch takes place the next working day after the order, if during working hours, and every other day if the order is made outside working hours;
  3. Some orders require several days to be sent, the manager will inform you about this (for some orders we order special packaging, some orders we collect from several warehouses).


We will deliver the goods anywhere in the country (delivery to other countries is discussed individually). At the moment we are working only with the company New Mail (no restrictions) and MistEkspress (up to 200cm)

* - you can read our review of transport companies

How does auto dropshipping (work in balance) work?

  1. You post or advertise our tuning accessories and spare parts in your online store or marketplaces, forums.
  2. Create an order through the shopping cart on our website.
  3. From our warehouse, we ship the ordered items directly to the customer on behalf of your store.
  4. We get money, you get profit in the form of the difference between our wholesale and retail prices.

What is balance sheet work or direct sales to your client? All the money that comes to us (from you or your customers) is added to one side, and all the goods that you (or your customers through you) buy from us are to the other side. The difference is the balance (you owe us or we owe you).

Payment for goods is made only in UAH! The rate, when calculating your profit, is taken at the time of receipt of money from your client.

We pay for your profit as it suits you - after the sale, once a week or when it is convenient for you (and for us). When sending goods to your client, we do not leave any of our coordinates or invoices.


All goods are sent by cash on delivery, in cooperation with the dropshipping system, or on a 100% prepayment basis.

We do not need your money in order to buy or order the desired product for you, almost everything is in stock at the warehouse. If we place an order, we do not require any prepayment.

We will provide the BEST prices. You can earn with us. We are waiting for your orders and suggestions

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