The CZ refers to that part of tuning, a practical value for the vehicle and its driver undoubtedly. His aesthetic essence is still debatable, but the clear functional binding suggests that this is not just a whim of the owner, and the most that neither eat urgent necessity. Nevertheless the appearance and design of the hitch plays a role in the selection process of this device. On the pages of the Internet portal DDAudio You will find a great diversity of them, however, that the choice was completely conscious and thorough, we offer a small overview about the topic.

Tow - Your confidence and safety

Before turning to the types and designs of TAS, let us denote the main tasks that are performed using this device:

  • transportation of trailers and other attachments;
  • towing other vehicles;
  • protecting the rear of the car from bumps in a road accident or hitting obstacles.

To effectively perform these functions, the tow bar must meet the technical requirements for products of this class. That's why our online store is working only with known and reliable manufacturers of auto accessories, as well as listening to the opinions of professionals and clients of the resource.

The type and nature of the adhesion mechanisms there are several options of products, among which the most widely tow hook, the so-called "Europes" and ball device. The latter is more typical for passenger cars, two trucks, and SUVs, is designed to transport heavy tools. With the method of mounting on the frame, motor devices emit the turnbuckles with a hard mount, as a rule, based on the bolt connections and removable devices. In some cases, trailer hitch welded to the hull elements, which naturally does not envisage the possibility of its dismantling.

The main characteristics and requirements for TAS

When selecting any of execution of the tow bar, drivers are guided by our own thoughts and ideas about how it should look. So, a massive trailer hitch on a low power car will look awkward. On the other hand is relatively inexpensive attached the tow bar to the jeep impart of brutality and agressivnosti.

In General, TAS should meet the following requirements:

  • to be reliable and durable;
  • to provide reliable coupling of traction and trailer mechanisms;
  • to comply with permitted (allowable) load;
  • easily mounted on the vehicle body;
  • to be easy to operate;
  • not to spoil the appearance of the car.

The desire of the car owner to save money often plays a trick on him. For example, exploiting the inexpensive device, designed for a certain weight, at high loads, the driver creates a risk of emergency. This may particularly occur when moving obliquely up or down the risk of villaminaya the tow bar or separation of the towed vehicle. It is important to soberly assess the planned mode of use of the fixture and Your financial capabilities.

The purchase and installation of the tow bar

With regard to the place of purchase trailer hitch, two opinions cannot be: only company DDAudio offer the largest selection and variety of performances necessary accessory. In addition, our specialists will always tell you what you should pay attention to, what to prefer and how best to apply the device.

And since we are talking about recommendations, we hasten to remind you that tow bars with a slight pull can be set independently. They are, as a rule, it is calculated. But the installation of the loaded device is best left to professionals to avoid negative consequences is not enough reliable installation.

Remember that You can always count on the full support and assistance of our staff in any matters of tuning. And purchased in the online store DDAudio tow bar will help You out in extreme situations. And in normal conditions will last a long time and regularly.

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