Fenders are great body protection.

Every car owner wants to take proper care of their car. It should be understood that any part of the car needs quality. But not everyone knows about the importance of protective fender liner.

What is the feature.

Fender liner (often called lockers) is a protective element that is placed on car arches. Such equipment is necessary if you want to maintain a good body condition of the car. Protective fenders for cars are needed to protect against dust or snow.

The use of this accessory is indispensable if the vehicle has been used for more than five years. Newer cars have great fender protection, but it wears out over time. This auto part is a very important element of a car if you want the metal of your car to serve for a long time.

Another plus that wheel arch liners have is soundproofing. To create sound insulation, a certain composition is installed above the fender liner. A vibroplast is also installed, which reduces the number of vibrations. This makes the car virtually silent.


If we consider the types of car fender liner, they are divided into solid and liquid. Liquid fender liner lockers are applied directly to the car arches. The convenience lies in the fact that they are screwed to the car, like, for example, solid ones. But at the same time, liquid elements are changed more often.

If liquid lockers for cars are only plastic, then solid ones are divided into several types:

  • Plastic.
  • Aluminum.
  • Made of galvanized iron.

Today, the most common and popular are plastic wheel arch liners. Aluminum and iron are now mostly not used.

How to choose.

When choosing which fender liner to buy, it is important to pay attention to their quality. To do this, find a company that will offer you the best products.

When choosing a fender liner, you should pay attention to two factors:

  • Material.
  • The form.

The most popular are polyester liners. They perfectly protect the car and are easily repaired. More difficult to repair glass wool fenders on cars. Their shape will differ depending on the brand and equipment of the car.

Our company.

Digital Designs Ukraine is a company that sells car accessories in the DDAUDIO store. Our company is the official representative of such manufacturers from Turkey as Carmos and OmsaLine & Meric.

If your goal is to buy fenders for the car, then we will help with this. In our store it is possible to pick up not only plastic lockers, but also original rear and front mudguards . Mud flaps are used to protect the bottom of the car from splashes, pebbles, dust and other objects that come across on the road.

Choosing plastic fender liner for a car in our DDaudio online store, you can easily select a product for a particular car. If you have any questions, please call us at the phone number listed on the website in the contacts section. Our specialists will be happy to help you make a choice and answer all your questions.

Payment and delivery.

You can pay for the goods through a bank card. Also, we can order goods with payment through cash on delivery or the ability to take goods on credit.

If the price of an order for fenders or other goods in our store is above 3,000 thousand hryvnia, then delivery is free.

Fenders can be ordered not only in the city of Kyiv, but also throughout Ukraine.

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