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The headlights of the car very often called her eyes. And how they look depends largely on the "face" of the vehicle. Cilia on headlamps are designed to emphasize this "look" to give it the mood and emphasize the character. Can be considered their excessive manifestation of individuality of the car owner, a grotesque overkill, and you can just enjoy the unusual shape and the overall appearance of the car transformed.

Cilia on the lights - a nice change

This is quite optional, but a favorite of many, the accessory can be bright, spectacular and even useful. This is manifested in the following points:

  • the reduction of the space between the bonnet and headlamps that gives you a visual advantage in the perception of the car from the front;
  • change the "appearance" of the vehicle with minimal intervention in its design, and at very low cost;
  • the ability to smoothly change and adjust features and external outlines of the machine;
  • reducing blinding effects of xenon;
  • some cilia have anti-fog properties.

Someone mentioned dignity seem somewhat strained, but still their main purpose is the visual image and design.

Buy car eyelashes in the company DDAudio

Best way to purchase this accessory is to order it on the web site of the company DDAudio. In this case, You are guaranteed to receive products of world manufacturers, time-tested, many generations of motorists and our experts. All the novelties of the car industry find ourselves on our magazines and website pages.

In assortment of our company can meet all the basic performance of the deflectors headlamps, as well as their original and exclusive models. Available products are available in different price ranges depending on the material of manufacture:

  • plastic based on PVC;
  • the color of the polymer film;
  • GRP.

We offer ready-made solutions for the specific model number and a universal tool that will appeal to many fans of expressive forms.

Products DDAudio tuning Your car will turn into a pleasant and exciting adventure, and the result will exceed all Your expectations. Order your lashes on the headlights for your pet and get a lot of positive emotions and envious looks from co-workers and neighbors.

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