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Types of plastic body kits for cars

To distinguish your serial vehicle from the gray mass of other cars and make it original, fashionable and stylish with minimal investment, order body kits for your car. A vehicle equipped with plastic linings will become a bright spot among similar cars. The aerodynamic properties of the car will also improve due to the special design of the body kits.

What are the body kits made of?

The material for the manufacture of body kits for cars was not so long ago an inexpensive "ABC-plastic". The disadvantage can be called its fragility - at low temperatures and sharp climatic changes, the plastic cracked and became brittle.

Today, such a plastic auto body kit has been replaced by a durable, reliable, practical and durable accessory made of innovative material. This is a plastic based on polyester resins.

Advantages of plastic body kits

Tuning body kit made of plastic based on polyester resins has a lot of advantages, these are:

  • affordable cost;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • ensuring the protection of individual elements of the car from mechanical stress, moisture, aggressive chemicals;
  • light weight (they do not create a load on the car);
  • is a kind of inexpensive tuning.

Varieties of plastic body kits

Plastic tuning kits are different in shape, design, size, construction, method of attachment, place of installation and purpose. The following types of plastic body kits are presented in the DDaudio online store:

  • expanders that are attached to the front and rear wheel arches. Such decorative body kits for cars give the vehicle the look of a racing sports car. At the same time, the linings will protect the body from dirt and gravel, which bounces off the road surface while driving on a wet road or off-road;
  • door sills - such tuning body kits on a car protect the thresholds from both mechanical stress and an aggressive environment. Corrosion will not appear on the metal due to the tightness of the thresholds. They will not be afraid of moisture and aggressive chemicals;
  • pads for windscreen wipers. When driving fast, the wipers fit as tightly as possible to the windshield due to the aerodynamic shape of the linings, which improves their efficiency during glass cleaning;
  • overlays for door handles. They make the car look more modern, protect the mechanism from dirt and dust getting into it;
  • spoilers. Designed to change the axial load due to the appearance of the lifting force. Contributes to better cooling of the brake discs.

What to consider when choosing plastic body kits

If you decide to buy a tuning kit, then you should pay attention to its price, design, material of manufacture (type of plastic), color, type, purpose. Model and universal overlays are available. The first option is bought for a car of a specific make and model, while universal body kits can be ordered for all cars.

The sale of car accessories of both domestic and Western production is carried out - the degree of popularity of the brand is important. When making a choice, take into account the strength of the material of manufacture, the degree of resistance to low temperatures. Delivery of orders is carried out not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine.

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