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Lining of genuine carbon fiber - the perfect way to emphasize not only the brightness, individuality and the elegance of Your car, but also to give him of elitism. These accessories will be to distinguish their owner from his "colleagues" who exploit chrome or plastic counterparts. Subtle forms and exquisite gloss carbon fiber overlays are visible even from a distance, them with nothing can not be confused, and no matter what would not change.

Lining of natural fibre strength and beauty

What is so attractive and valuable of these products? Their main advantages are due to physico-chemical properties of the material, which has a complex fibrous structure comprising carbon formation, polymers, acrylic resin. The resulting compound is characterized by the following qualities:

  • high specific strength (per unit mass);
  • resistance to mechanical impacts (blows, shocks, abrasive wear);
  • attractive appearance.

The combination of these advantages could not fail to find its application in the field of auto-tuning. After all, pleasant to read manner and the strength characteristics is the main task. In terms of strength much superior to carbon steel and other materials, while remaining extremely easy. This allows the use of linings made of natural carbon minimum weight and thickness that does not lead to increased fuel consumption and impaired aerodynamic properties of the vehicle.

How to choose carbon fiber pads

Products based on carbon compounds is far superior in the price of the same commodity item made from other raw materials. All this encourages unscrupulous employers to all sorts of tricks and fakes, passing them off as natural carbon. The chance to purchase a counterfeit, but still a lot of money always exists. This will not be a problem if You are well versed in the subject or You know a specialist, at least if You are willing to take the risk. But there is another solution - to buy overlays of genuine carbon fiber from a reputable supplier of auto accessories.

The company DDAudio just really is. Moreover, we are a leading operator in the market with over a decade of experience. And that says a lot. Appreciate us, trust us, come to us. Here you will find the widest selection of carbon fiber overlays: the windshield and the hood, bumpers and radiator, mirrors and handles and even lights and door lock. Through our online store, You can always be assured that you'll get a really worthwhile thing on the most favorable terms.

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