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BEST PRICE guarantee in Europa
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price 44 USD
To give your car Audi (Audi...
To give your car Audi (Audi) A4 original style, you definitely need the chrome moldings on the mirror that we offer to buy at a very attractive price (in available goods and brands Omsa Carmos).
Article: 6601111
BEST PRICE guarantee in Europa
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price 83 USD
Chrome moldings on the mirr...
Chrome moldings on the mirror Audi (Audi) A6 from Us Omsa made of polished stainless steel, which does not lose its shine and attractive appearance for many years.
Article: car0001
BEST PRICE guarantee in Europa
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price 44 USD
Covers for mirrors, Audi (A...
Covers for mirrors, Audi (Audi) A5 chrome-plated steel - a worthy setting for your iron friend. On sale are accessories and OMSA, CARMOS.
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BEST PRICE guarantee in Europa
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price 39 USD
Covers for car wing mirror...
Covers for car wing mirror is made of a very durable and high-quality ABS-plastic. On top of car accessories coated with chrome finish, which is not afraid of no ultraviolet light, no burly agents or high pressure washing. Complete - 2 covers only tuning Mercedes Sprinter W901 all model years. Manufacturing - Carmos, Turkey

Function pads on the door

the Lining on the door car – is a good solution for every car owner, which seek to give your ride a distinctive look and protect "iron horse" from damage. Chrome lining on the doors are made, usually from metal or plastic. They will come in handy in Parking lots (e.g., near major shopping centres, where there is considerable congestion of cars and the lack of available places).

by these elements (the drivers call them also moldings), can significantly reduce the risk of damage to adjacent vehicles. In addition, the linings on car doors have a decorative function – they visually distinguish between separate areas of the body and make the car appearance more expressive. Thus, the chrome lining doors combine two roles – practical and aesthetic.

what materials are made mouldings?

In our online store you can effortlessly find pads on doors for almost any brand and model of car. This section presents a decent selection of pads made:

  • ABS plastic covered with a chrome finish;
  • the
  • polished stainless steel with stainless steel coating (their price is higher, but they are an excellent protection against mechanical damage, bumps, chips, scratches, etc.).

Regardless of the material from which made lining to car doors, they feature high strength, reliability, durability, excellent performance and beautiful designs. Besides, chrome lining is easy to install – they can be attached on the car body without visiting a specialized one-HUNDRED on their own. To do this, just thoroughly clean the side surface of the machine from dust and dirt, degrease the surface and attach the pads on the car door with the help of ZM-sided tape.

Properly installed lining on the body the first will take the brunt of contact with stones and mud, puts it out and will efficiently distribute the load, thus protecting the door panels of the vehicle from serious damages.

Order lining online store

you can Buy pads on the car door and to significantly improve the appearance of the car company offers for DDaudio. Each commodity unit, which is provided on the website is designed for a specific brand of car, making chrome lining on the doors available to order every car owner.

to Purchase products from the catalog can wholesale and retail with delivery in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities where there are branches of transport companies.

Order your door straps in a car in our online store and make sure to create unique style of your "iron horse" very simple! We help not just to demonstrate your individuality on the city road or country road, but also care about the protection of the car in adverse conditions!

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