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Chrome lining in the interior is the most effective way to enhance the exterior interior and make it unique. The pads are strong and durable and also very easy to install.

Most car owners install on car door sill in order to protect the body from scratches and various damage and stroke or ring on speedometer or the ducts of the stove. In our online store you can purchase a chrome door at the most affordable prices.

Features chrome plates on the sills in the salon

Chrome door sills in the interior of the car is the most popular kind of tuning today. They will help to diversify design of the car, and also protect the body from mechanical damage.

Of the benefits of overlays on thresholds can be identified:

  • stainless steel, which is made of the sill is resistant to damage and various scratches;
  • gracefully complements the car's appearance and gives it uniqueness;
  • linings are not afraid of corrosion and they have a great life.

In our online tuning shop you'll find the door sills of the car for any brand and model of car, and other chrome nakladki to the salon (rings, headbands). In addition, it should be noted that interior lining in addition to the protective functions, and aesthetically complement the appearance of the car, proving the good taste of its owner.

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