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Digital Designs Ukraine Company was established in 2004 (until 2007 it was a state of emergency - retail in g. Chernivtsi). At the beginning of the main business of the company has been selling automotive accessories (cosmetics, avtolampy etc.). In 2006, the first imported Turkish goods Carmos - stainless steel products for the car (pads on handles, mirrors, grille, side skirts)

In 2007 the company became an official representative of the Turkish producer Carmos in Ukraine (Cagatayotomotiv). Due to the demand for and quality of the goods (we recall that in our market, a lot of similar goods from cheap Chinese plastic) company Digital Designs Ukraine began to form a dealer network and sells in Ukraine. In 2008 we became the representatives of another Turkish producer OmsaLine & Meric, so our range is much increased.

The advantage of our company is that we have our own warehouse (no intermediary trade), a huge selection and variety (still available), exercise daily shipments of orders (except Saturday and Sunday), convenient delivery in all regions of Ukraine, is not expensive shipping Russia (sending do consistently every week Delivery time from 3 days to 2 weeks for large orders postage free in Russia), professional advice and tips.

In 2008, Digital Designs Ukraine held a competition for the world's auto sound level (from 2008 to 2012, the company Digital Designs Ukraine agreement with the American company Termpro DbDrag Racing, to conduct auto sound competition in the territory of Ukraine). In 2009, our employees have created Ukrainian competition format Car Audio SQ Challenge (www.dbdrag.com.ua), which was successfully held in Ukraine to date, together with the aftermarket exhibitions and festivals (Festival Island Sound, Festival Car & Emotion, TuningFest. .)

And in 2010, we opened our own online store (www.ddaudio.com.ua). Unfortunately we have not filled our store all the goods that we have in stock, but over time, it will be very convenient store. On this you can make a reservation by telephone

In May 2011, the company Digital Designs Ukraine was represented at the international exhibition SIA 2011 at the team from Turkey Cagatay.

In late 2011, we signed a contract on cooperation with Taiwanese partners (carbon film, chrome packages, visor (deflectors windows) and a fly swatter (deflector hood)). Since February 2012 You can see it in our range.

In October 2011, it was created equipment akvapechati (lmeris). Due to this, we can offer our customers the application of carbon fiber, camouflage, wood on different products (see. Section Akvapechat)

In 2012, Digital Dezayns Ukraine was represented at the international exhibition SIA 2012.


Radomski Maxim, Mr.. Chernovtsy.

Director of the company "Digital Dezayns Ukraine"

Chernivtsi National University, Faculty yuridichisky


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