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Digital Designs Ukraine was established in 2004 (until 2007, it was a state of emergency - retail trade in auto parts and accessories for tuning in Chernivtsi). At the beginning, the main specialization of the company was the sale of car accessories (cosmetics, car lamps, etc.). In 2006, for the first time, we imported goods from the Turkish manufacturer Carmos - stainless steel products for cars (handle covers, mirrors, grilles, thresholds). Today we have thousands of clients from Kyiv, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine. We also work all over the world - many clients from Belarus, Kazakhstan and all European countries.

The history of the online store of auto accessories DDaudio

  • 2007 - we became the official representatives of the Turkish manufacturer Carmos in Ukraine (Cagatayotomotiv)

Due to the demand and quality of goods (recall that there are a lot of similar body kits made of cheap Chinese plastic on our market), Digital Designs Ukraine began to form a dealer network and carry out sales in Ukraine.

  • 2008 - we became representatives of another Turkish manufacturer OmsaLine & Meric.

Thus, our range has increased significantly and today it is more than 150,000 parts and accessories for tuning.

; Meric accessoriesCagatay and Digital Designs

  • 2008 - we signed a contract with the American company Termpro DbDrag Racing to hold car audio competitions in Ukraine and held the first world-class competition.
  • 2009 - employees of our company created the Ukrainian format of the SQ Challenge car audio competition (www.dbdrag.com.ua).

We successfully hold such events in Kyiv, Odessa and throughout Ukraine to this day - together with tuning exhibitions and festivals (Sound Island festival, Car & Emotion festival, TuningFest.)

Ddaudio tent at tuning competitionRewarding participants of tuning competitionsDD - sponsor of car audio competitions

  • 2010 - we opened our own online store (ddaudio.com.ua), whose client base today includes more than 300,000 motorists from all over the world.
  • 2011 - Digital Designs Ukraine was presented at the international exhibition SIA 2011 as part of a team from Turkey Cagatay.

At the end of 2011, we entered into a cooperation contract with Taiwanese partners, thanks to which we were able to offer customers such car pleasures as carbon film, chrome packages, wind deflectors (window deflectors) and fly swatters (hood deflectors) in our online store.

In October 2011, equipment for hydrographic printing (lmeris) was created. Therefore, now we offer our customers the application of carbon, camouflage, wood on various products (see in the Aquaprint section).

Carmos products - at SIARepresentatives of DD at the exhibition

  • 2012 - Digital Design Ukraine company and DDaudio online car accessories store were presented at the international exhibition SIA 2012.
  • 2014 - our team took part in the mini-football championship of the region

The advantage of our company is that we have our own warehouse (not intermediary trade), a huge selection and assortment (everything is in stock), every day orders are sent (except Saturdays and Sundays), convenient delivery to all regions of Ukraine, professional advice and adviсe.

wholesale tuning basewholesale autotuning warehouse

DDaudio company is the official representative of the following brands in Ukraine

  • Erlul Oto is a Turkish manufacturer. Also a manufacturer of kenguryatnikov and arcs. The best manufacturer of side platforms for minibuses and jeeps. Good price with very high quality. A large assortment. We have constant availability
  • CAN Otomotiv is a Turkish manufacturer of bars, roof rails, roof rails and body kits for beads, commercial vehicles and jeeps. The leader in the Turkish market for production. The factory is located 30km from Istanbul. All products are made from 1.6mm stainless steel (Italian pipe) and aluminium. The DD Ukraine company is the official representative in Ukraine. In our warehouse you will always see in stock kenguryatniki, pipes, arches, roof rails for cars such as Volkswagen Transporter T4 and T5, Multivan, Caravella, Mercedes Vito, Sprinter, Volkswagen Caddy, Volt, Crafter, as well as for most other cars.
  • Omsa Line is a Turkish manufacturer. World market leader in the production of stainless steel tuning pads. Only Italian stainless steel and high quality ABS plastic are used. The plant is located in Bursa, Turkey. DD Ukraine company official representative in Ukraine (you can see our coordinates on the official website of Oms)
  • Carmos is a Turkish manufacturer. Good prices, high quality products. The materials used by Carmos are stainless steel, high quality plastic. DD Ukraine is the largest official representative in Ukraine. The entire group of goods, we always keep in stock.
  • Meric is a Turkish manufacturer of wood, carbon, aluminum panel overlays. Very high quality, wide range. Uses materials (resin and glue) of the American company 3M. Most panel overlays are available from stock. Availability can always be checked with our managers.
  • Digital Designs is an American manufacturer. All production exclusively in the USA. The company specializes in the production of subwoofer heads (manual robot), power amplifiers (made in Korea), high-end acoustics (made in Germany). The DD Ukraine company is the official exclusive representative in Ukraine.


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