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In order to create maximum comfort and coziness while staying in the car created an indispensable accessory deflectors Windows. They reliably protect from ambient noise while driving with the Windows open, but also protect the car window. It is worth noting that during rain or snow, the visor will prevent the ingress of precipitation to the salon and allow to circulate fresh air.

How to choose the vent Windows on Your car

These accessories are made of special plastic, different composition:

  • ABS plastic, 1 grade: not expensive, very flexible but not transparent;

Manufacturer: DDU, ANV, AOMIS.

  • ABS plastic, top grade: average price, very flexible, and transparent;

Manufacturers: Niken, Perflex, SIM, HIC, Sunplex

  • Polystyrene: not expensive, average flexibility, but also not transparent;

Manufacturer: DDU, AOMIS.

  • Plexiglass: not expensive, very fragile, very afraid of winter, but transparent;

Manufacturers: Cobra, Auto-Tuning, VoronGlass

  • Polycarbonate: the Best material but very expensive

Manufacturer: EGR, Heko, Sunplex, Perflex

These durable plates follow the contours of the doors and look very stylish. Deflectors side Windows do not require much care, they simply wipe with a damp cloth. Very important when choosing vetroviki on a car to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • method of attachment to the vehicle;
  • color;
  • the material from which made the accessory;
  • manufacturer;
  • the pricing policy.

Installation methods Petrovichev

Install deflectors on car Windows is very simple. You need nothing to drill, they are selected for a certain brand of car. There are 3 ways to install Petrovichev:

  • installation on 2 sided tape, be strong and most reliable, it withstands any weather;
  • install in the opening window, will give the visor a neat appearance;
  • installation with stainless steel clips (mostly trucks or vans).

The appearance of the window deflectors

Color choice of accessories depends on the willingness of the owner. The color scheme Petrovichev huge:

  • black;
  • transparent;
  • "smoky";
  • chrome;
  • carbon and carbon;
  • with chromed strip from stainless steel*, and plastic;
  • light, dark gray;

* company NIKEN, except for the fact that manufactures its products from high quality polycarbonate, uses stainless steel in decoration chrome strips

In a set of deflectors can enter 2 or 4 Mitrovica. But it is worth noting that to buy a visor on the rear door after some time it does not work, so you should think about which set to buy cars better.

You do not have to drive with the Windows ajar and to think about the consequences of weather conditions. Attractive visor is able to give the car a classy look and to make it even more expressive, among other machines. In order to buy the window deflectors at excellent prices, you can use our site. To place an order in the online shop is easy. You need to leave the application and specify the delivery address.

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