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The purpose of the deflectors

Wind deflectors, or as they are also called, side window deflectors, are linings in the form of visors that are attached to the top of the door of a passenger car. These accessories are made of plastic and other modern synthetic materials. The product is intended to create a comfortable microclimate in the car. In other words, windscreens for cars installed on the front and rear side windows of the vehicle allow the driver and passengers to experience the maximum comfort of staying in the cabin, provided the windows are ajar, even when driving at high speeds.

Given that ajar windows in the cabin are often a vital necessity (especially for smokers), installing windscreens on the windows can be a budgetary and high-quality solution to the problem. By purchasing suitable window deflectors, you can get rid of smoke and ash in the cabin, as well as window fogging, which can interfere with a full view and cause an emergency.

Side window windshields will also be a godsend for car owners with or without air conditioning. Again, they protect against the formation of fogging on the windows and minimize the risk of an accident.

What is the result?

Windshields installed on the car in time are guarantees:

  • protection of the car interior from snow and dirty splashes;
  • deflection of the air flow from the outside, which helps to reduce the risk of small pebbles entering the cabin;
  • improving the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle (due to a change in the movement of the air flow and the elimination of the effect of windage, the consumption of gasoline or diesel fuel is reduced);
  • improving the appearance of the car (we must not forget that the wind deflectors on the door are also a decorative element).

Manufacturing materials

Window deflectors (as well as windshield deflectors ), given the high speeds that modern vehicles are capable of developing, must be resistant to high dynamic loads. The following requirements are put forward for wind turbines:

  • lightness combined with strength;
  • resistance to impacts with small pebbles;
  • resistance to temperature changes.

Of the materials that meet these requirements, the most affordable are light polymers and, in particular, organic (acrylic) glass - thermoplastic, durable, extremely light and resistant to weather vagaries. In addition, it has other advantages:

  • environmental safety (does not emit harmful substances);
  • duration of operation without loss of original characteristics (colors and shapes);
  • ease of disposal.

It is from acrylic glass that modern manufacturers manufacture window deflectors. To date, the most popular among buyers are black or smoky windshields on cars. However, the task of finding windshields that match the color of the car body or transparent glass deflectors is not a problem - organic glass production technology allows you to produce products of any shades.

For those motorists who are not accustomed to saving on tuning their "iron horse", manufacturers offer polycarbonate accessories. They have a relatively high cost, but at the same time they flawlessly follow the contours of the door and look stylish.

Mounting features

At a time when side window deflectors first appeared on the market, they were mounted in grooves under the glass. However, this type of attachment is only compatible with vehicles where the windows are opened and closed manually. In cars with car lifts, foreign objects installed in the grooves simply will not allow the window to close. Therefore, the optimal solution is the wind deflectors on the car windows, mounted on adhesive tape.

Subject to strict adherence to the generally accepted installation steps, the motorist will be able to do the appropriate work on their own, avoiding a trip to the service station.

Buying wind deflectors in the online store

The DDaudio online store offers car enthusiasts a wide selection of tuning products and, in particular, door windshields. You can buy window deflectors from us with delivery in Kyiv and regions of Ukraine.

The user-friendly interface of the site and the filter system make the purchase as comfortable and fast as possible. Our managers in the shortest possible time after placing the order will process it and transfer the goods for shipment.

Buying auto accessories from us means giving a stylish look to your car and improving its functionality. Don't miss this great opportunity to do it right now!

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