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Want to distinguish your car from the masses like that? Then you have to take care of his tuning. Today, there are many opportunities to make your car special, as well as improve its performance and appearance. Chrome lining on the body is one way to transform a vehicle without resorting to drastic modifications and design changes. With these accessories, the car ceases to be just a means of transportation, and takes on individual characteristics, status, elegance and style.

Chrome lining on the body - the variety of possibilities

Indeed, the desire for beauty and pushes many motorists in search of new areas of applications for their imagination, innovation and creativity to improve his "fighting friend". Among the whole range of chrome lining on the body then select the following items available on sale online store DDAudio.

  1. Sill is a quality stainless steel products that will last You a long time. Their thickness is 0.5 mm to avoid damage of the surface of the car door.
  2. Lining on the doors - neat expressive elements, copying the contours of the car doors. Are selected individually for the specific brand and model.
  3. Pads on rack - used to improve or restore the appearance of the side posts.
  4. Lining on the grille is not only decorative, but also the important technical element, which has useful properties. The item is made of high quality polished stainless steel 304 grade.
  5. Pads on front and rear bumper Thickness and strength of the details allows you to securely protect the paintwork of the bumper emerging from scratches and minor damages during the handling of cargo.
  6. Front lamp trims - used as an element of fashionable styling of the front optics. In addition, they reduce the gap between the headlight and the edges of the hood.
  7. Pads on feet of stainless steel (right and left) is an accessory in the form of a frame of the rear lighting (tail, turning, brake and other lights – only 5 small Windows).
  8. Pads on the handles - they'll help to hide scuffs, chips and scratches that inevitably appear on door handles.
  9. Lining the mirrors - must fit the dimensions, and elevation of standard devices. A dual chrome coating eliminates tarnishing and abrasion of the surface.
  10. Pads on the tank – the original element of a decor of chrome polished stainless steel cover flap fuel tanks.
  11. Trim above the number on the trunk lid - visually highlights the license plate, making it expressive and visible in the traffic.
  12. Lining - lock is installed for decorative keyhole (3 - hole and 2 - without it).

Useful properties and benefits of overlays

All described elements of tuning have their own characteristics and individual purpose, however, we will try to highlight the most characteristic of all functions and tasks:

  • creating a unique image of the car;
  • protection of devices and mechanisms from damage, deformation and various mechanical effects;
  • the safety cover the body in places of heavy usage;
  • the ability to transform their appearance without disturbing the aerodynamic characteristics;
  • protection from rust and corrosive environments.

Chrome lining on the body does not create additional load on the attachment, do not create obstacles in the use and maintenance of the machine is designed for continuous operation in various road conditions.

Installation of products is made using special double-sided tape on clean and degreased surface (the adhesive included in the packaging). Bright and durable surface does not require special care, but the use of autosafety will add gloss and grooming the appearance of the car.

The chrome strips - online shop DDAudio recommends

What vehicles fit the pads? The answer is very simple, they'll fit absolutely any car. No matter what the country of manufacture make and production year. The object of tuning is very easy to install and operate. Putting them on his "car", you have only one question, why had not installed these items on your pet.

On our website You will find all the possible list of accessories, including rare and exclusive. In the list of the chrome lining of stainless steel You're sure to find the right name and version for Your model of machine. And convenient system of ordering, payment and delivery of goods will only enhance Your experience and will not be forced to languish in expectation of the vending kit. Every time you will touch the polished surface of the chrome strips on the hood when you catch the goggles people, You will gratefully remember the custom car shop DDAudio and will never regret that you listened to our advice.

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