Tuning of heels


The cars used for transportation of small goods and have a van called "heel". Nickname cars was due to the shape of the body.

Among car owners of such cars popular to do tuning. This is because these cars have a standard design that you want to change and make the original.

Accessories for the tuning of heels

If you want to create an original look for a car such as the heel, you need internal and external tuning. Our online store offers such items for tuning of heels:

  • lining on the body, door or mirror will help to secure part of the car body from scratches or damage;
  • the connectors will protect the front part of the body during a crash or off-road driving;
  • the side sills will help to comfortably sit in the lounge car, and also protect the side of the vehicle;
  • rubber or textile mats will help quick to restore order in the cabin.

These and other details of tuning of heels you can purchase at affordable prices in our online store at the best price. Thanks to the tuning you will be able not only improve appearance but also to increase the level of safety and reliability in car.

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