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the car mats in the trunk rubber custom made for a particular brand of car. Their range is very large. Each car has a special, peculiar only to him the configuration of the cabin and Luggage compartment. So choose the protective coating need individually.

Rubber boot Mat is designed to protect the boot floor from dust, dirt, debris and stains. Storing the spare tire, tools, transportation of various cargoes lead to contamination. Clearing the trunk is much easier if on the floor is a removable pad made of rubber. This accessory is easy to remove and wash.

Rubber mats in the trunk of a car is a generic concept that applies to all types of removable coatings from polymer and kucukodabasi materials. Often these products are made from polypropylene and polyurethane. This material is waterproof, not susceptible to warping and rot, easy to clean and dries quickly. The product can not be bend but can be rolled into a coil to be removed gently from the car, not having any accumulated debris.

rubber Mat in the trunk do also of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). This microporous elastic polymer with improved characteristics: wear resistance, resistance to low temperatures and chemical effects, environmentally friendly and hygienic.

How and where to buy a rubber Mat for the trunk?

the Mats in the trunk of a car from rubber and polymers produced in several Ukrainian companies. The company Digital Design, as the official dealer of manufacturers that offers the best price on these products.

Buy rubber Mat in the boot and also floor mats for car and other accessories for tuning in Internet store DDaudio. To do this, first you should select the brand of car, and then under accessories to see all the deals. The cost of models-analogs can differ due to the material of manufacture. We can arrange delivery of your purchases to Kiev or any other place of the country to the warehouse of the carrier.

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