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Scroll down the page to the bottom, you learn a lot about the sill. Rules and secrets of the installation, comparison of accessories and Omsa, Carmos. Find out what kind of body kit for thresholds protects the body from corrosion, and which, conversely, accelerate it.


sill can be generic or for a specific brand of car, exterior and interior, with and without illumination. Our shop offers to buy the tuning kit for the rapids made for a specific brand of car. It is a guarantee that the product will "sit" perfectly, completely repeating geometry and surface topography.

In this review, we discuss the types of chrome-plated kit, materials, installation methods, we compare the products of different manufacturers. Let everyone who wants to buy the generic thresholds, why should not do it, and discover some of the secrets of the installation.

sill: educational program materials

Stainless steel.

Carefully, in the market, especially in the online sales segment, often there are Chinese counterfeits of famous brands. They only imitate stainless steel but nothing to do with it did not have. And will rust after a month of intensive use in winter or in rainy autumn. Real steel sills for cars will last at least 5 years. They are not afraid of any action of the aggressors - water, snow, dirt, chemicals, which are often treated with the body during washing and which are watered abundantly snow-covered roads.

Chrome plastic sills on the car.

With proper care will last about 3 years. Different from the stainless body kit durability to shock and mechanical stress. Of course, plastic is not affected by the rust, so corrosion can not be afraid. These accessories are plastic quality and the number of layers of the chrome coating. In our tuning shop you can buy plastic stickers on cars, made of high impact ABS (the other we don't sell!).

a Few words about the Chinese body kit for tuning.

Among them is found and quality, but in most cases, it is only marketed as such. Always look at the price of the accessory. Cheap means the product is made from cheap toxic plastic, the quality of which it is impossible to determine visually due to chrome-plated spray top.

a Few words about the chrome exterior and interior door sill covers auto

Chrome plating is a surface application accessories special chrome-spraying. We offer to buy a body kit for thresholds of Turkish origin (and Omsa, Carmos) that manufacture products in the factory using professional equipment. Which means that this coating will last a long time, and to perform their functions. So, why do you need a quality chrome finish?

  • For protective and decorative purposes. Coating is an additional protection overlays on thresholds from corrosion processes, attention to detail spectacular shiny look.
  • To Shine. All chrome tuning has a high reflectivity (higher only in silver). The degree of reflection of light from this kit is 70%. And unlike silver, chrome scuff plates do not fade from constant contact with air and water.
  • To increase the lifetime of accessories for tuning. In addition to such coating practically does not stick dirt and dust (antistatic).

We offer the thresholds of Turkish brands and Omsa, Carmos

  • For many car owners in the world trademark Pierre Cardin is synonymous with real quality accessories for cars. The firm has a long history, which does not prevent her to stay young and every six months to update your assortment. Today it has more than 5,000 door sill covers, body kits and other tuning elements, which are produced on the latest equipment for innovative technologies.
  • Carmos - also a Turkish company, but not as "advanced" and popular as Omsa. Production is carried out in the factory, but other materials and other technologies. Therefore, the kit for tuning Karmos is cheaper.

Attention! Many shops accessories not specifically indicate the manufacturer of the goods, issuing cheap Carmos for expensive Omsa. Often, it's just a marketing ploy. When the buyer compares prices at different online stores, he sees the same pictures and a decent difference in cost. Where you buy the door sills? Right there where it is cheaper. As a result, opening the parcel in the mail, you'll see the original packaging "Karmos" or the inscription on the packaging "Made in China". Most consumers will not even outraged, because they do not see much of a difference. And we'll show you in our comparative table.

it gets even worse when the seller is a conscious deception, sending accessories without package.

Compare the door sills and Omsa, Carmos

ManufacturerMaterialThicknessPackage contentsSettingFeatures
Omsa (Turkey)Italian stainless steel with a high chromium content0.7 mmPads for all thresholds or only the front, high quality Scotch tape and primer10 minutes – surface preparation, 15 minutes of installation.Not magnetic. Are put tightly, which prevents the formation of corrosion under them.
Carmos (Turkey)Turkish stainless steel0.5 mmthe body Kit, the ScotchPreparation and installation – 25 minutesMagnet placed with small gaps, are less than the local government.


Why we do not recommend to buy universal door sills?

Now think for yourself, what is a universal accessories and how they can fit all brands of machines? Trim, fit, etc. Many think: for the sake of low prices and cut… Let… And how to install? Universal plastic sills on the car and the steel must somehow attached to the surface of the body. This is done with tape or sealant. And as much as you are pressed accessories when installing, they are still tight will not fall, will remain gaps and rather big. In these cracks the next day you will get water, dirt or snow that will lead to the beginning of corrosion processes.

Ask the masters at the service station: what happens to the sills of the car, which was like universal outer lining? You tell in paint obscene language. And for yourself: a month take off the accessories and see how many new rust under them appeared.

Installation of overlays on thresholds of a car

  1. Clean the surface of any alcohol-containing solution, wipe with a soft cloth without NAP.
  2. Remove the door sill covers protective film.
  3. attach Smoothly to the surface of the rapids, and push strongly for 3 minutes.
  4. Place the top of the press, and let him lie down on the products for another half hour.

Secrets of mounting kits for thresholds

  • All work spend in a warm room. If the temperature is below 20 degrees, then run the accessory and the surface of the thresholds of the conventional Hairdryer.
  • do Not wash the car for the first night. And once a month do not wash under pressure.
  • Place the pad as close as possible, not to leave the slightest gap, then they will provide additional corrosion protection to the most sensitive place of the body.

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