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It is very common for transportation of oversized cargo we use external accessories for car, such as a car trunk. In this article we will look at what types exist.

The choice of the trunk on the car roof

Firstly, the concept of "roof rack car", very versatile. For some it's aerobox, for some it's mesh, for some, this transverse arc. But all of these racks have in common is that they are all designed to carry cargo or Luggage.

Lateral trunk in regular places

This type of trunk can be installed on those cars that have in the roof there is space for the bolt. Unscrewed the old plastic plug and this place is the trunk. In some cases, there are two holes for one leg, but the second is not being used

Rack rails

90% of jeeps, vans, station wagons have a staff (or installed) roof rails. If not, you can buy For these cars fit the type of jumpers, which are mounted for longitudinal rod. This is the most popular and convenient type of trunk. There are such types:

  1. Cross on conventional rails in the style of "strut";
  2. Cross on conventional rails in the style of "over the rails";
  3. Crossbars with integrated roof rails (mostly jeeps).

Mesh on the roof

This product is designed for those who carry heavy loads. It is important to observe the transported weight, if overweight, can interfere with the body structure. The grid can be of such types:

  • Stainless steel, it is expensive and heavy, but very sturdy;
  • Black metal, cheap, but sturdy product. Requires constant care;
  • Aluminum, relatively expensive, but very sturdy product.


Or just Boxing on the roof of the car. Widely represented on the Ukrainian market, as foreign manufacturers (e.g. Thule) and domestic. How to choose aerobox:

  • Design. The trunks are presented in different colours, of smooth and textured plastic;
  • Size. Decide what is the purpose of installing this avtoaksessuary. If for the carriage of skis, then it needs to be long.
  • The aerodynamics. More aerodynamic racks will whistle on the way and will have less air resistance (saves fuel consumption)

To install aerobars on the roof you will need to cross the trunk!

Bike racks on the roof

Very popular car accessory in Europe. Is installed on the lateral trunk. Available in our store

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