Tuning coupe

Peugeot 206 pads on the handles
Article: car8129

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21 USD
Strap on the number of Mercedes CLK / W208, steel
Article: 4704052
61 USD
Seek tuning for Mercedes CLK /...
Seek tuning for Mercedes CLK / W208? Strap on the number provided in our store tuning - this is the finishing touch that will add integrity to the updated design of the car. Us Omsa made of steel.

Tuning pens Mercedes Smart 1998-2007 (Omsa, 2 pcs)
Article: 4750042
38 USD
Tuning pens decorative overlay...
Tuning pens decorative overlays add even more effektnosti exterior Mercedes Smart. Presented accessories - some of the highest quality on the market tuning, as evidenced by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Material - polished steel. In a set - two laths.

Facing metal handle on the Peugeot 308 (steel, 4 pieces)
Article: car2018

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42 USD
Metal pads on the handle desig...
Metal pads on the handle designed for tuning of the Peugeot 308. Auto Accessories are made of steel with alloy additions, so it is good to resist corrosion processes and any aggressors. Price - per set of pads. Production - Turkey. Warranty on rust - 5 years.

Covers for handles Mercedes W 124
Article: car8104
49 USD
Covers for handles - the most ...
Covers for handles - the most practical and useful accessory for external tuning not only Mercedes W 124, but any car. Made of steel, they effectively protect the surface from the nominal scuffs and scratches. Mounted on 3M Scotch.

Handles chrome for Opel Astra G (set)
Article: car8117
42 USD
Chrome knobs for tuning the Op...
Chrome knobs for tuning the Opel Astra is made of steel, which calmly withstand the drastic weather changes, temperature fluctuations and the changing of the seasons, retaining their color and attractive appearance. The price is for a set of accessories for all doors. Manufacturer Carmos (Turkey).

A car with a closed body compartment is characterized by having only 2-doors. In addition, the coupe differs with a shortened wheelbase and has one or two rows of seats. Coupe embodies sportiness and style, and for that reason, many car owners this type of body want to make it unique and inimitable.

Details for tuning coupe

Tuning coupe is an interesting exercise through which you can improve the level of safety of a car and to make its appearance is not like other cars. Our online store offers these accessories for tuning any car with a coupé:

  • lining on will attractively complement the look of the car, and also protect the mirrors and glass from getting dirt on them in inclement weather;
  • spoiler to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the car and complement its sporty appearance;
  • mats will comfortably clean the interior of the car and make it comfortable and cozy;
  • nameplates will give the car unique and will prove an elegant taste of the owner;
  • the rack rails will help to save space in the cabin and the rear trunk of a car.

These and other details of tuning coupe you can buy in our online store at affordable prices. Thanks to tuning your car will sparkle with new colors and will make your car unique and not like the others.

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