Tuning Mercedes E-klass W124

Covers for handles Mercedes W 124
Article: car8104
46 USD
Covers for handles - the most ...
Covers for handles - the most practical and useful accessory for external tuning not only Mercedes W 124, but any car. Made of steel, they effectively protect the surface from the nominal scuffs and scratches. Mounted on 3M Scotch.

Strap on the edge of the trunk Mercedes W 124
Article: car2945
40 USD
The product is designed for tu...
The product is designed for tuning Mercedes W 124 that absolutely eliminates problems during installation. Made of steel, mounted on adhesive tape (included) or sealant and protects against chips and scratches edge of the trunk. The warranty from the manufacturer and the store - 5

Chrome moldings on the mirror Mercedes W 124
Article: car0118
60 USD
Chrome trim mounted on top of ...
Chrome trim mounted on top of the mirror housings Mercedes (Mercedes) W 124 on bilateral American scotch. Hardware products produced by Turkish company Carmos alloy steel, which is not subject to adverse climatic influences.

Fringing of window of the Mercedes W 124
Article: car0366
40 USD
The kit includes a steel bandi...
The kit includes a steel banding all side Windows of the Mercedes W 124. Products manufactured by well-known Turkish company Carmos, ideal for the specified brand of the machine and are delivered to all regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries without payment.

Moldings door Mercedes W 124 (1986-1991)
Article: car6720
120 USD
Buy moldings on the door - it ...
Buy moldings on the door - it means to protect the car body from accidental damage (as a result of an accident or slack side "ointment" in the parking lot). Products for Mercedes tuning made from high-alloy steel, mounted on the 3M-Scotch.

Mercedes W124 despite its year of release, quite a solid and reliable sedan. But, of course, due to the fact that he's already not small, tuning the car does not hurt. And it concerns not only exterior styling but the interior.

What we offer for Mercedes 124 tuning?

In addition to universal products, we have:

  • Soundproof materials, Shumoff are recognized as the best in its price category.
  • Akvapechat for the interior tuning you is enough to remove the necessary details and send it to us by mail, and after 5-6 days to get them back with applied decoration (shipment in both directions carried out at our expense).
  • Chrome lining on mirrors, door handles, license plate, trunk lid.
  • Body moldings will cover up scratches and chips on the body, but also protect the paintwork from damage in a minor collision.

In our tuning shop always have special promotions for motorists (e.g., "free akvapechat"). And all prices for goods are much lower than the competition. Reason - in Ukraine we are the only official representatives of many manufacturers of accessories for cars. We also carry out delivery to Russia and Belarus.

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