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You can buy a chrome lining at a price lower than in other tuning stores from us. The range of accessories for different brands of cars is 20-50% cheaper. We carry out delivery to all regions of Ukraine (free of charge), Russia and Belarus.

Chrome plates: why are they needed?

Someone thinks that this is just a spectacular decoration of the body and interior of the car. This, of course, is so ... But do not forget about the practicality of such tuning. Installed on various elements of the car (door handles, mirror housings, pillars, bumpers, radiator grille), it protects original parts from premature wear. And, for example, chrome door sills prevent rusting and destruction of the most vulnerable part of the body.

3 more reasons to buy chrome trim for handles, etc.

  • Installation that does not require knowledge and skill - just carefully study the instructions and allocate 15 minutes of your time.
  • Ease of maintenance - if it is a steel chrome body kit, then when scratches appear, the surface is easily polished; and if plastic, then a high-quality multi-layer coating does not scratch at all, does not peel off, and is resistant to any mechanical and climatic influences.
  • Durability - installation of chrome overlays is carried out using American 3M adhesive tape (included in the kit), so you don't have to worry that the accessory will fly off at high speed or on impact. And when removed, it will not leave marks on the original body elements.

Chrome lining on the door - what are the types?

  • On the handles. The material used is mainly stainless steel;
  • For door moldings. There are two types - on top of the native molding and on a recess in the metal of the door;
  • Mirror covers. In most cases, ABS plastic is used, although more expensive manufacturers use stainless steel. There are several variations - a full insert (on the entire mirror), on the top (on the top or up to the turn signal), as well as a rim on the inside

Decided to buy chrome lining, but don't know which online tuning store to choose? Scroll through our catalog, compare prices with other stores and place an order. We guarantee quality and efficiency.

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