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Deflectors windshield... Someone will say that this is unnecessary detail for a car in its own right. Many motorists have never used this accessory and never even thought about installing it on the machine and accordingly didn't feel the need for it. Yes, this approach has a right to exist, like any other. For those who are not alien to the pursuit of excellence, to modernization, to the experiment will not be superfluous to learn about all the features, details and advantages of which give the car visors.

The deflector windshield - "for" and "against"

As in many cases of auto-tuning, the installation of the sun visor may be associated with both positive effects and negative impact on the individual characteristics of Your car.

The main advantages of deflector windshield include:

  • protection from the sun's rays;
  • protection the top of the glass from stones and small objects;
  • obstruction to flow of rain or snow;
  • the extra lighting.

Especially for the skeptics and objectivity sake, we note some drawbacks of this device.

  • The car in most cases is balanced from the point of view of its aerodynamics mechanism. So that extra elements can disrupt this balance that will ultimately affect the power and fuel consumption.
  • In cases where the mounting baffle is made using screw connections, can be created conditions for destruction of paint and varnish coatings and corrosion.
  • The increase in the resistance and redirect air flow can be a source of additional noise.

It should be emphasized that the identified negative characteristics typical for the most part, to primitive and makeshift copies of the visors. Products reputable manufacturers of these factors are minimized and their real influence does not reach considerable size.

How to choose and where to buy deflectors

Geometry, mounting location, mounting method, design and colour decisions are determined by your taste, preferences and model of the vehicle. Mostly available on the market trademark, offer ready-made kits for specific brands and series of cars. They also include the means of installation. So the procedure of installation of the deflector windshield will not take a lot of time and effort.

Speaking of deflectors windshield it is impossible not to mention their individual categories, namely, raincoats. These funds are placed in lateral parts on both sides of the glass. Their task, in addition to the aesthetic side of the issue, is to divert water or wet snow from the area of operation of the "janitors" and preventing them falling additional volumes for the side Windows. Thus, their presence helps to improve the visibility in the frontal plane, on the sides and in rear view mirrors in bad weather.

Buy the same sun visor and rainwear is better in the checked place, where Your choice of a wide range of designs and stylistic forms of products, as well as a full range of services that make your purchase easy and desirable. And this place is known for is online store DDAudio. Here You will find any types of kits and accessories that will exceed Your expectations.

Seeing his friend in a new guise and feel all the benefits of a deflector windshield, You will never question the need for this detail. And its order and purchase on the web site DDAudio only strengthen Your desire to improve the appearance and interior of Your car.

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